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Case Studies


The case studies mentioned in, are real time scenarios happened with the clients. The actual names have been hidden for privacy reasons, hence every client mentioned is addressed as Mr. John

Mr. John, a British passport holder was the signing authority of a Freezone company. He also had dependent visas comprising of Wife and 2 kids. The company was scheduled for closure; hence he had left the country for good and joined another company in a different country. The new company had some business meetings scheduled in UAE for future prospects so Mr. John was the ideal candidate to visit them, since he was accustomed to the country’s rules and guidelines. The moment he entered UAE, the immigration department took over his passport.

Error :

  • He stayed outside the country for than 6 months
  • His dependent visas were not canceled
  • The company was not fully closed
  • The signing authorities visa is always the last for cancellation.

Solution :
  • Get the dependent visas canceled
  • Get the final clearance to obtain the company closure letter
  • Get the signing authority’ (Mr. John) visa canceled
  • Obtain the passport back from the immigration
  • Obtain the company closure certificate

assisted Mr. John with the entire process and obtained his passport in 2 working days.

Learning :

  • Make sure you cancel all the loose ends before leaving the country
  • Cancel all the visas under your sponsorship
  • Close all your bank accounts
  • Clear all your debts with regards to the banks-government authority-clients
  • Do not stay more than 6 months (180 calendar days) out of the country
  • Even if you prefer staying out of UAE for long, make sure you visit once atleast on the 178th day from the day you exited the country.

Mr. John had to get his freezone license renewed. However, the original documents were misplaced. Also at the time of renewal we realized the activity he chose was actually did not meet his business needs. He approached a C.A in his home country who later connected Mr. John to a C.A in UAE.

Error :

  • Mr. John did not study the actual meaning of preferred activity
  • The C.A. in his home country gave him the same medicine without understanding his actual requirement
  • The Local C.A. did not bother understanding Mr. Johns requirement and blindly followed the home country’s C.A. direction and incorporated the company
  • The original company documents were kept with the local C.A.
  • Mr. John never took custody of the original company document

Solution :
  • Obtain a police clearance/NOC for the loss of document
  • Submit the same to the Freezone authority
  • Obtain the original company document
  • If the renewal date is near, simply try doing the renewal with the photocopies of the company document
  • If the authorities agree to renew the license with the photocopies, then the above 3 steps are not required
  • Apply for renewal and change of activity

assisted Mr. John with the entire fiasco and helped him get the right activity matching his requirement. We made sure not to keep the original under our capacity. We prefer the client should have complete custody of his Originals.

Learning :

  • Make yourself clear with the requirements before appointing a service agent
  • Have the complete custody of all the original documents

Mr. John has this company in a Freezone jurisdiction. However, the company was not doing good enough business that it could sustain for the next year renewal. He chose to sell the company or simply leave it untouched (neither cancel- nor renewed).

Error :

  • Mr. John miss-interpreted the regulations of UAE with his home country company laws
  • He wanted to sell off his business(license), which he couldn’t. As there were no potential clients to generate revenue
  • A third party can actually get his own license rather than paying Mr. John for existing company license with no profit
  • Neither cancelled nor renewed the license

Solution :
  • Cancel the license

recommended Mr. John the right steps and procedure for canceling the license. Mr. John preferred not to cancel or renew it. Leave it as it is and assumed that the license will have its natural death. Which is not the right thing to do.

Learning :

  • Mr. John will be held at the immigration check point the next time he plans to visit U.A.E
  • He will have to pay fine for the dues incurred for nonrenewal
  • The cost payed at this time will more than the actual cost of the cancellation.

Mr. John had 3 companies in UAE freezone jurisdiction; 2 in the same emirates but different freezone and 1 in the different emirates freezone. He cancelled the license of 1 company that was in the same emirate and wished to get a new visa from the company which was established in the different freezone emirates.

Error :

  • Visa transfer not allowed between 2 freezone off different emirates

Solution :
  • Request for a visa transfer from the freezone where 1st company license is being canceled to the freezone of the 2nd company which is in the same emirates

Learning :

  • The cost-effective solution.
  • Mr. John would have paid more if he had followed the procedure of cancelling the visa, then reapplying
  • Visa transfer is more cost effective than canceling and reapplying

assisted Mr. John with the right guidance and helped him obtain the residence visa with meniscal government cost.

Mr. Johns income was not enough to meet the requirement for sponsoring his kids residence visa. His wife income was meeting the requirement.

Error :

  • Mr. John tried to apply for his kids visa under humanitarian grounds

Solution :
  • Provide the proof of income of both the spouse
  • Proof that shows Mr. John is not financially capable to sponsor the kid, but the Mrs. John can

Learning :

  • Guidance by the right party is up most important, rather than doing it the wrong way

assisted Mr. and Mrs. John with the right guidance and helped them obtain the residence visa for their kid.

Mr. John, an Italian passport holder along with a U.A.E residence visa, wanted to have a UAE driving license and an International driving license.

Solution :
You may be eligible to transfer your existing driving license, without having to take a driving test or going to a driving school, if you have a valid driving license from some countries. You have to be a citizen of the country given below with current resident status in UAE:

Australia Denmark Ireland Netherlands Portugal Sweden
Austria Finland Italy New Zealand Romania Switzerland
Bahrain France Japan Norway Saudi Arabia Turkey
Belgium Germany South Korea Oman South Africa United Kingdom
Canada Greece Kuwait Poland Spain United States

Procedures and Documents:
  • Eye Test from UAE
  • Legal Arabic translation of the home country driving License
  • Passport and Visa copy
  • Emirates ID copy
  • Timeline: 1 Hour

To obtain the International Driving License from UAE

Procedures and Documents:
  • UAE driving License copy
  • Passport and Visa copy
  • Emirates ID copy
  • Timeline: 10 mins
    Validity: 1 year