Abu Dhabi

  • Abu Dhabi Airport Business City-ADAFZ

    Abu Dhabi Airport Business City operates Airport Free Zones, a Logistics Park, Business Parks, Business Centers and One Stop Shop Services. Its jurisdiction spreads across more than 10.6 Km2 around Abu Dhabi International Airport covering five commercial districts: Logistics Park, Business Park, Destination Village, Al Falah District and Airport City.

    Abu Dhabi Airport Business City is a new global business address at the heart of Abu Dhabi Airports operations

    Abu Dhabi Airport Business City is a wholly owned subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Airports. It operates Airport Free Zones, a Logistics Park, Business Parks, Business Centers and One Stop Shop Services. These underpin Abu Dhabi’s plans to establish itself as a dynamic business centre in support of the Abu Dhabi 2030 Economic Vision.

    Under a resolution passed by the Abu Dhabi Executive Council, Abu Dhabi Airport Business City was mandated to set up Free Zones and provide all the required services at:
    • Abu Dhabi International Airport
    • Al Ain International Airport
    • Al Bateen Executive Jet Airport

      • Abu Dhabi Airport Business City’s jurisdiction spreads across more than 10.6 Km2 around Abu Dhabi International Airport, covering five commercial districts:
        • Logistics Park
        • Business Park
        • Destination Village
        • Al Falah Free Zone
        • Airport City

        Abu Dhabi Airport Business City is the new global business address for the world which provides its customers with numerous products within a Free Zone environment.Abu Dhabi Airport Business City offers its customers the full spectrum of Free Zone services, including company registration, licensing, leasing and rapid visa processing for employees, and many other high-quality services within a One Stop Shop environment.

        Abu Dhabi Airport Business City provides a wide range of facilities and infrastructure such as warehousing units, commercial offices, furnished facilities within a fully serviced business center, plots of land for development and a full range of essential ancillary amenities to serve everyday business needs. They have developed an ever-expanding business platform that provides the perfect environment for your own corporate growth. With all the necessary resources in one place they have the foundation for you to tap into fresh opportunities with suppliers, trade partners and logistics providers to reduce your costs and increase your profits.

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  • Abu Dhabi Global Market-ADGM

    Abu Dhabi Global Market is a broad-based international financial centre for local, regional and international institutions.ADGM’s three independent authorities – the Registration Authority, the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) and ADGM Courts – ensure that a business-friendly environment operates in line with international best practice that are recognized by major financial centers across the world. In collaboration with other International Financial Centers, global institutions and regulators, Abu Dhabi Global Market develops and supports member institutions with the regulatory framework, legal jurisdiction and attractive business environment you need for sustainable business growth.

    ADGM is committed to providing a highly-efficient, business friendly and transparent registration platform to facilitate and process all of its dealings. In further developing a sound and progressive financial services sector in Abu Dhabi, ADGM aims to establish a robust, well-regulated and enduring financial market that is aligned with international standards and best practices of global financial centers such as London, Hong Kong and Singapore. To achieve its goal, ADGM is committed to bolster the competitiveness and dynamism of financial institutions, as well as, the efficiency of the financial markets through a risk-based and outcome-focused regulatory philosophy.

    As an international financial centre, strategically positioned in the growing economies of the Middle East, Africa and Asia, ADGM will be an open platform which provides a wide spectrum of services covering banking, insurance, wealth management, asset management and capital market activities. In addition, ADGM will support global efforts by enacting anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing legislations.Through regular and close engagement with all stakeholders of its marketplace, ADGM is determined to promote soundness of financial institutions, facilitate innovation and entrepreneurship, encourage efficient risk management and garner investors’ confidence through fair-dealings. ADGM will continue to work closely with stakeholders and market participants to identify strategies and implement initiatives to further enhance its financial services sector. In its approach to regulation and supervision, ADGM's FSRA adheres to a set of clear regulatory objectives that is underpinned by inclusive guiding principles.

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  • Masdar City

    Masdar City is widely recognized as one of the world’s most exciting eco-developments. It is also a Free Zone located in close proximity to Abu Dhabi International Airport and 17km from downtown Abu Dhabi. Masdar Free Zone has been recognized by fDi Magazine as the 2016 Best Free Zone for R&D Partnerships and one of the Best Middle East Free Zones for Start Ups and Large Companies. Published by the Financial Times, fDi Magazine is one of the leading foreign direct investment publications.

    Established in 2006, Masdar is a commercially driven enterprise that operates to reach the broad boundaries of the renewable energy and sustainable technologies industry – there by giving it the necessary scope to meet these challenges. Masdar operates through four integrated units, including an independent, research-driven graduate university, and seeks to become a leader in making renewable energy a real, viable business and Abu Dhabi a global center of excellence in the renewable energy and clean technology category. Masdar is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi Government-owned Mubadala Development Company, a catalyst for the economic diversification of the Emirate.

    One of the most sustainable cities in the world, the approximately 6 sq km Masdar City is an emerging global clean-technology cluster that places its resident companies in the heart of the global renewable energy and cleantech industry.

    Exceptional value proposition
    • 100% foreign ownership
    • 100% exemption from corporate and personal income taxes
    • 0% import tariffs
    • Quick and easy set-up with a ‘One-Stop Shop’ for registration, government relations and visa processing
    • Freedom of repatriation of both capital and profits.
    • One of the world’s most beautiful, sustainable living and working business clusters
    • Launching point into local, regional and international markets
    • Critical mass of sector knowledge and talent
    • R&D Hub partnering with Masdar Institute
    • Highly cost-effective licensing and office space
    • Proximity to Abu Dhabi International Airport, Khalifa City, Yas Island; just 40 minutes away from Dubai

    These business-friendly features are complemented by Masdar City’s state-of-the-art technology infrastructure, world-class facilities, and liberal investment regulations creating a favorable environment for companies to freely conduct business.

    Every aspect of licensing and operating from Masdar City – the global centre of future energy– has been refined, and reengineered where necessary, to ensure organizations operating in the city can focus all their resources and efforts on their core activities.

    Masdar City is an emerging global hub for renewable energy and clean technologies that positions companies located in the city at the heart of this international industry.A special economic zone in Abu Dhabi Where businesses can thrive and innovation can flourish, Masdar City offers full foreign ownership, exemption from personal and corporate taxes and a community of likeminded professionals.

    It is a model for sustainable urban development regionally and globally,seeking to be a commercially viable development that delivers the highest quality living and working environment with the lowest possible environmental footprint. The Masdar City Special Economic Zone has been developed to provide a supportive environment for organizations operating in six activity areas within the renewable energy and sustainable technology field: research and development, light industry,finance, retail, bus Master is mandated to expand the UAE’s energy portfolio by advancing, commercializing and deploying renewable energy and clean technologies ness and education.Masdar City is also home to a cleantech cluster, free zone and investment zone, which serve to attract companies to establish their operations in the Abu Dhabi. The Masdar Free Zone is a driver of Abu Dhabi’s emerging private sector and diversifying economy Masdar City itself is evolving into a dynamic and cosmopolitan urban community – eventually, we expect 40,000 people to be living in the City, with 50,000 daily workers.The Free Zone has a multinational presence, including Siemens,General Electric, Lockheed Martin and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries,as well as a vibrant cluster of SME's and start-up enterprises

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    With the fast-pace expansion of businesses around the world, Khalifa Port free trade zone within Kizad addresses the growing demand for more freezone space, with 100 km2 of free zone opportunities.Khalifa Port Free Trade Zone (Khalifa Port FTZ) is a next-generation platform for trade, logistics and manufacturing. It promises to change the face of doing business in the region through the success of KIZAD’s onshore structure and the benefits of an offshore free zone.Today, businesses are expanding rapidly, which means, there's a growing demand for more freezone space. That's why KIZAD added the new Khalifa Port Free Trade Zone (Khalifa Port FTZ) comprising of 100 km2 of free zone opportunities in Abu Dhabi to its world-class infrastructure portfolio.Khalifa Port FTZ offers a competitive operating cost environment and a meticulously designed setting that makes it easier than ever to do business.Investors choosing the Khalifa Port FTZ are provided with an array of business set-up services that streamline their registration and licensing processes, while offering them executive offices and flexible workstations/dedicated desks, as a complementary offering to the overall value proposition of the industrial zone.Khalifa Port FTZ boasts a wide portfolio of investment sectors including aluminum, automotive, engineered metals, port logistics, food processing, pharmaceuticals, packaging, polymer converting and other industries that rely on Khalifa Port. Also in place is a flexible master plan that is capable of accommodating more industries in the future from a land-use perspective.

    Combining the legacy and success of KIZAD’s onshore structure with the traditional benefits of an offshore free zone, Khalifa Port FTZ is set to become the future hub for trade, logistics and manufacturing, and is primed to change the way business is done in the region. Within the additional free zone territories allocated in the 16 Sq. km. Area ‘A’, KIZAD is master-planning the Business Park, District and Local Centers.

    KIZAD Business Park in Area ‘A’ offers multiple real estate opportunities and welcomes interested suppliers to serve the needs of over 50,000 customers, both employees and visitors.Spanning a total area of 84 Sq. Km., Area ‘B’ will feature heavy, light & logistics industries, commercial complexes, big-box retail stores, town centre and mixed-use developments, as well as residential developments.

    Kizad empowers your business with excellent access to markets through a world-class transport infrastructure with multimodal connectivity by sea, road, air and future rail networks, connecting you to over 4.5 billion consumers.

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  • Twofour54

    twofour54 Abu Dhabi is a media zone located at the heart of one of the fastest growing media markets in the world with attractive economic benefits for companies, such as an easy licensing and business set-up services, 100% company ownership in a stable environment. A place where some of the biggest names in the industry call home and the perfect location for your business, big or small, to thrive and prosper.

    Named after the geographical co-ordinates of Abu Dhabi (24° North, 54° East), twofour54 is a unique media zone dedicated to helping like-minded companies and professionals take full advantage of the Middle East & North Africa region's current and future offerings in media sector.

    twofour54 is a media free zone located at the heart of one of the fastest growing media markets in the world with attractive economic benefits for companies such as an easy licensing and business set-up services, 100% company ownership in a stable environment.

    twofour54 is a place where some of the biggest names in the industry call home and the perfect location for your business, big or small, to thrive and prosper.

    Financial Benefits:
    • 100% company ownership in a stable environment with no restrictions on capital movements
    • 0% import tariffs
    • 100% exemption from personal income tax
    • 100% exemption from corporate taxes
    • 30% cash rebate on international film and TV production spend

    Convenience and Cost Efficiency:
    • No bureaucracy and transparent licensing
    • Highly cost-effective office space solutions for your business needs and size
    • Hassle free company registration, laws and legal framework
    • The Rebate is a production incentive scheme that provides a refund of up to 30% of Abu Dhabi Qualifying Production Expenditure (ADQPE) to International Production Companies producing part or all of their productions in Abu Dhabi. More details on www.film.gov.ae

    Business Ecosystem:
    • On-site vocational media training academy offering media related courses as well as tailored training solutions for your organization
    • World-class studio production and post-production facilities supported by technical staff, all available for hire during your productions
    • Status of free zone with ability to bid, contract and receive payments directly with UAE government entities
    • Strong IP protection framework
    • Critical mass of sector knowledge, talent and large pool of freelancers
    • State-of-the-art infrastructure, uplink and fiber connectivity to the buildings
    • twofour54 Briefing Room - a first-of-its-kind online portal and new business tool where twofour54 partners access to hundreds of business brief and exclusive access to Abu Dhabi Government tender briefs which shortens the traditional tender process.

    Networking and Business Opportunities:
    • Unique campus environment with facilitated business networking
    • Quarterly networking events with partners and stakeholders in Abu Dhabi
    • Introductions and referrals facilitated to other twofour54 partners
    • Access to industry news and market research by twofour54
    • Access to other business facilitation services such as on-campus seminars and roadshows etc.
    • Inclusion in twofour54 marketing and promotion campaigns across Abu Dhabi, the region and global campaigns
    • A dedicated Client Relationship team member assigned to your company for the span of your presence in twofour54
    • twofour54 Briefing Room - a first-of-its-kind online portal and new business tool where twofour54 partners access to hundreds of business brief and exclusive access to Abu Dhabi Government tender briefs which shortens the traditional tender process

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  • Ajman

  • Ajman Free Zone Authority

    Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) was established in 1988, leading to massive industrial development in Ajman by attracting a great number of companies to benefit from the investment privileges, thereby strengthening industry and trade and the financial sector in the UAE. AFZ provides competitive privileges and facilities allowing companies to get a considerable return on their investment. AFZ continues to develop its infrastructure, spending millions of Dirhams along its free zone area of more than one million square meters.

    Strategic location advantages:
    • Air -easily reach international airports within 25 minutes only by car from AFZ, including communication with world air transportation networks
    • Sea - AFZ is located opposite to Ajman Port
    • Land - There is a highly equipped international road network connecting AFZ with neighboring countries, for easy arrival and departure.

    • 100% ownership of establishment/company
    • 100% foreign ownership
    • Easy transfer of capital and profits
    • Exemption from personal income tax
    • Exemption from import and export duties
    • Exemption from other taxes
    • Competitive prices on facility usage
    • Competitive prices for power/electricity
    • Competitive prices on leasing
    • Easy access to low cost labor
    • Well-developed infrastructure
    • One-stop counter service for effecting transactions (Residency, visas…etc.)
    • Fast and easy procedures and in most cases, get the license within 24 hours

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  • Dubai

  • Dubai World Trade Center Free Zone Authority

    Dubai World Trade Centre Authority (DWTC Authority) provides a unique and highly desirable propositionon for businesses to compete even more effectively regionally and globally.Dubai World Trade Centre Authority (DWTC Authority) provides a unique and highly desirable proposition for businesses looking for an effective, competitive and well-regulated business ecosystem to compete even more effectively regionally and globally.A public corporation that enjoys corporate body status, financial and administrative autonomy and full legal capacity to help it carry out its duties and activities, it will deliver a more flexible business-conducive environment in the heart of one of the world’s most dynamic and cosmopolitan cities.Under the jurisdiction of the DWTC Authority, the Free Zone spans locations within the iconic Dubai World Trade Centre and the adjoining One Central. the Free Zone provides a strong incentive for multinationals to use Dubai as the springboard to enter local and regional markets, as well as incentivizing global associations to establish a permanent, regional base in the free zone, and allowing organizers to deliver a much more streamlined event participation and logistical experience, while also increasing attractiveness.

    The DWTC Authority Free Zone offers an enhanced incentive for businesses to establish their permanent representation within the offshore zones. Supporting this is a uniquely accommodating model offering convenient co-location of onshore and offshore operations, within a flexible and advantageous regulatory environment. DWTC Authority will deploy and manage internationally-benchmarked legislative policies and operational procedures in collaboration with government authorities. Currently operating in proximity to one of the world’s largest and most dynamic event venues and a well-established nexus point for global businesses and decision makers to meet, collaborate and engage, the Free Zone is highly connected via the Dubai Metro and road network and just 15 minutes from Dubai International Airport.

    Key benefits of offshore licenses:
    • 100% foreign ownership
    • 100% repatriation of capital
    • Zero income tax for 50 years and renewable
    • Zero corporate tax for 50 years and renewable
    • No export taxes
    • No restriction on currency and repatriation of funds
    • No restriction on hiring foreign employees
    • No restraints over the capital nationality
    • Freedom to initiate multi options for legal operating structures
    • Flexibility to determine prices of services or products and the profit margin desired
    • Stable and clear regulation
    • One-stop–shop service that provides business partners with a variety of government services, including company registration, licensing, visa and other services
    • Simplified incorporation process

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  • Dubai Airport Free Zone

    The Dubai Airport Freezone Authority (DAFZA) is an organization that deals with import and export trades and services. Since its launch in 1996 DAFZA remains the governing body that administers trade licenses and visas to international companies wanting to do business from Dubai within the freezone. It helps international and local businesses incorporate in Dubai. So, whether you are a cosmetics company or a crude oil supplier, the Dubai Airport Freezone Authority can help you obtain a Dubai business license. We specialize in freezone establishments as well as the opening of a branch office of an existing company.The process of setting up your business is easy. It requires minimal paperwork and a set-up fee, and the processing time is fast.

    In order to set-up new company in DAFZA either branch, non-individual or individual you need to do the following:
    • Select the type of license that suits your business needs, you can choose up to three activities from the same group
    • Complete the documentation for the initial approval
    • Choose the facility

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  • Dubai Design District

    In 2013 the UAE’s Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid al Maktoum, unveiled his vision to create a purpose-built design district that could nurture emerging local talent and provide a home for the region’s creative thinkers.Many of the world’s creative hubs have grown organically over many years, the result of evolving fashions and cultural trends. The creators of the Middle East’s design district are undertaking an ambitious and innovative approach to creating a regional centre for creative design. From the ground up, d3 has evolved to become the primary destination for creatives from all over the Middle East – and it is still evolving.Dubai Design District, d3, has been carefully developed to provide a creative ecosystem that surpasses the expectations of a typical creative neighborhood. It has its own beating heart; its own spirit and its own very personal style. This is a place where bohemians can live, work and play. Where aspiring designers can cut their teeth, and learn their trade; where local talent can work alongside international design, art and fashion houses. It is, at its heart, a place where creative minds can come together to realize their dreams.

    D3 offers a visually stunning mix of land and leasable space to nurture a creative collective of design talent. The idea is to combine carefully curated developments with technologically smart infrastructure to create a vibrant, sustainable and commercially viable community. Smart city principles enhance connectivity, provide green solutions and raise living and working conditions for everybody – using technology to design a better world.At d3, state of the art offices are home to global brands while studios and ateliers house local businesses. Creative, customizable spaces are ideal for up and coming entrepreneurs and are designed to forge an active design community that is tailored to contemporary business needs. It is easy to join the community. Freelancers can use flexible warehouses, design studios or hot-desks and local and branch offices can move in to brand new world-class offices ready for fit-out. Everybody benefits from being a part of a global design hub.

    D3 has 3 product classes:
    • Courtyard View
    • Standard View
    • Burj View

    The minimum office size we have available starts at around 800-1000 sq.ft

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  • Dubai Healthcare City- DHCC

    Dubai Healthcare City is an urban healthcare landmark where individuals and corporations come to advance their healthcare services, engage with the community and enjoy the energy of the central healthcare districts. Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) is a free zone committed to creating a health and wellness destination.Since its launch in 2002 by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, the free zone has worked towards its vision to become an internationally recognized location of choice for quality healthcare and an integrated center of excellence for clinical and wellness services, medical education and research.

    Located in the heart of Dubai, the world’s largest healthcare free zone comprises two phases. Phase 1, dedicated to healthcare and medical education, occupies 4.1 million square feet in Oud Metha and Phase 2, dedicated to wellness, occupies 22 million square feet in Al Jadaf, overlooking the historic Dubai Creek.

    The free zone is governed by the Dubai Healthcare City Authority (DHCA) and regulated by the independent regulatory arm, Dubai Healthcare City Authority – Regulation (DHCR), whose quality standards are accredited by the International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQua).

    DHCC has close to 160 clinical partners including hospitals, outpatient medical centers and diagnostic laboratories across 150 plus specialties with licensed professionals from almost 90 countries, strengthening its medical tourism portfolio. Representing its network of support partners, close to 200 retail and non-clinical facilities serve the free zone.DHCC is also home to academic institution the Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences, part of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Academic Medical Center. The free zone’s integrated environment provides leverage for potential partners to set up operations to promote health and wellness.

    Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) is the first medical free zone in the world. The rapidly increasing population growth and economic boon in the Middle East has given Dubai Healthcare City the impetus to provide local and international patients with an extensive range of medical care. With a total number of 19,523 healthcare professionals in both the private and public sectors including 6,064 doctors, Dubai is the perfect platform for DHCC.

    Commercial benefits are the followings:
    • Low operating costs
    • State of the art facilities
    • Flexible real estate design to suit the industry
    • Integrated healthcare community providing specialized first-class medical care
    • Access to network of regional healthcare professionals
    • Attractive investment opportunity and financial return
    • Increased brand exposure

    Business Convenience:
    • No bureaucracy
    • One-stop shop for government services
    • Business support services
    • Hassle free company registration
    • Hassle free company laws and legal framework
    • Quick access to knowledge workers due to fast track immigration process

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  • Dubai Internet City

    Dubai Internet City (DIC) is the Middle East and North Africa's largest ICT hub. Since the year 2000, DIC has successfully developed a prosperous ecosystem for technology organizations and has been one of the forerunners in carrying forward Dubai's vision of transitioning into a knowledge-based economy. DIC is home to Fortune 500 companies and multinationals, including global names such as Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as some of the region's most dynamic and successful technology SMEs and start-ups from all elements of the ICT value chain.

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  • Dubai Media City-DMC

    Dubai Media City (DMC), was launched in January 2001 to establish Dubai as the region’s leading media hub. DMC encompasses a media community of over 20,000 people working in over 2,000 regional and international media companies that are pushing the limits of creativity every day.This business hub’s dynamic atmosphere helps advertising, communication, media and marketing companies excel in making Dubai the most sought-after place to breathe life into your global ideas.Dubai Media City has developed as the leading global business community anchored by top global companies from the media industry. DMC provides advanced office space and supportive environments for media-related businesses to operate globally out of Dubai. The community includes global and regional media giants such as Thomson Reuters, CNN, CNBC, MBC, Sony, OMD, ITP, Leo Burnett and many more.

    Dubai Media City’s Commercial Office units come in a range of sizes, giving businesses the flexibility to choose the space that suits their business needs, from freelancers, entrepreneurs and SMEs to multinationals and global companies. Dubai Media City is located in the heart of Dubai and offers its community a place to live, work and play.Dubai Media City offers attractive Boutique Villas to its business partners to be fitted out as needed for their office requirements. These spacious villas are ideal for comfortable business operations, and are conveniently located along Al Soufouh Road. Adorned with many balconies and garden spaces, the Boutique Villas make for a very comfortable working environment. While partners design their own spaces as they see fit, DMC provides a comprehensive Tenant Design Guidelines to aid in designing an environmentally-friendly office.

    Dubai Media City’s Business Center offers fully-furnished and serviced business units in a hassle-free community environment that’s ideal for media professionals, freelancers and SME companies looking to operate out of Dubai. The flexible registration process, competitive leasing rates and wide range of licensing categories accommodate both short and long business needs of individual clients, corporates and independent freelancers. Serving as a one-stop shop, the Media Business Center also provides unique facilities for freelance professionals and companies. Apart from sponsorships and simplified visa procedures, the DMC Business Centre offers a contemporary and unconstrained business community that promotes the growth of talent, ideas.

    Driving the emirate’s transition towards an innovation-led knowledge economy the Innovation Hub is a thriving business community created to strengthen Dubai’s existing position as a strategic business destination. The Innovation Hub nurtures talent and creativity by ensuring a consistent growth of the region's entrepreneurial environment with a fundamental focus on fostering innovation and excellence across the technology, new media, smart education and sciences sectors. Delivering a dynamic working environment for companies of all sizes, from startups and SMEs to multinational conglomerates, its 15,000-strong creative workforce will have the opportunity to network

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  • Dubai Outsource City-DOC

    An outstanding business park dedicated to local and international outsourcing companies. Dubai Outsource City (DOC) was launched in 2007 to cater to the market demand for outsourcing companies. DOC supports Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), HR Outsource, IT Outsourcing, back office and call center operations.

    DOC provides comprehensive, purpose-built infrastructure for companies who want to establish themselves within an U.A.E. freezone. DOC offers state-of-the-art office space, robust telecom infrastructure, facilities management services and a 24-hour security service. Some of the free zone benefits extended to DOC Business Partners include 100% business ownership and tax-free income, as well as value-added services such as networking opportunities, venue management, industry awareness programs and government services.

    DOC is the perfect base for both captive and third-party Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) operations to provide mid and high-end services call centers etc. It also serves as a center for offshore disaster recovery. Some of major the companies in DOC are:
    • Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)
    • ADCB
    • Du
    • Jumierah Group
    • Mashreq Bank
    • Emirates Airlines
    • Arab Bank
    • Al Futtaim Willis
    • Dunia Finance
    • Cupola Teleservices
    • Inter Globe Services and Technologies
    • Serco
    • AXA Insurance
    • Teleperformance
    • Dubai Islamic Bank
    • Arab bank etc.

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  • Dubai Studio City

    Dubai Studio City provides an all-in-one solution to facilitate an easy, efficient and innovative production process. DSC meets your creative needs by offering outstanding production services, the largest Sound Stages in the region, backlots, sets, water tanks, production offices, recording studios and offices. Launched in 2005, Dubai Studio City (DSC) is a global business community that provides cutting-edge facilities and services to companies across the broadcasting, film production, TV, music, and entertainment sectors.

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  • Dubai International Academic City

    The world’s largest free zone dedicated to higher education and the pursuit of intellectual growth. Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) was launched in April 2007 to cater to the needs of the region’s growing and diverse academic community. Home to numerous regional and international colleges and universities, it serves over 24,000 students from all around the world. With more than 400 undergraduate and post-graduate programs currently offered to students, DIAC continues to expand and grow as per the needs of its robust and talented academic community.

    DIAC provides different land options to partners including education, mixed-use, student accommodation, retail and hotel plots. Plots are purposefully selected to match the needs for educational institutions, residential apartments, accommodation and dormitory facilities, shopping centers and super markets and Hotels. The Business Center offers a selection of products and services ranging from hot desk to fully furnished complete office environments. Shared office desk that can be used by more than one client. It is perfect for Freelancers looking to have a space to complete office work such as email, browsing, printing and calling. Executive Desks are furnished with one desk and chair, and a storage pedestal and cabinet with key. A Fitted out Commercial Space offers the upper end for a business environment. From open areas fitted with desks, chairs and table, to projectors and audio-visual systems. All floors are fully carpeted and have false ceilings with full provisions for Internet, telephone, IT services and electricity.

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  • Dubai International Financial Centre

    Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) is the financial hub for the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, providing a world-class platform connecting the region’s markets with the economies of Europe, Asia and the Americas. It Includes an independent regulator and judicial system, a global financial exchange, inspiring architecture, powerful, enabling support services and a vibrant business community. The infrastructure within the district featuresultra-modern office space, retail outlets, cafes and restaurants, art galleries, residential apartments, public green areas and hotels. Currently, more than 1750 active registered companies operate from the Centre, with a combined workforce of 21,628 people. Individuals and companies seeking to set up in DIFC can look forward to an outstanding array of support facilities and incentives for growth and development. Working in a ‘city within a city’, businesses located in the Centre can make the most of a dedicated ecosystem within a rapidly growing market situated on one of the crossroads of the globalized economy.A Gateway for capital and investment. A world class regulatory environment. It has a unique legal framework. A city within a city.

    Benefits of setting up in DIFC:
    • Platform to access regional wealth and investment opportunities
    • 100 percent foreign ownership
    • Zero percent tax rate on income and profits (guaranteed for a period of 50 years)
    • A wide network of double taxation treaties available to UAE incorporated entities
    • No exchange controls (free capital convertibility)
    • High standards of laws, rules and regulations
    • International legal system based on Common Law of England & Wales
    • A wholly transparent operating environment, complying with global best practices, and internationally accepted laws and regulatory processes
    • A variety of legal vehicles that can be established with capital structuring flexibility
    • Access to a large pool of skilled professionals residing in Dubai and the region
    • A modern transport, communications and internet infrastructure
    • A responsive one-stop shop service for visas, work permits and other related requirements
    • An independent common law judicial system

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  • Dubai Knowledge Park

    The world’s only free zone dedicated to Human Resource Management and learning excellence. Established in 2003 as part of TECOM Group, Dubai Knowledge Park (DKP) aims to develop the region’s talent pool and establish the UAE as a knowledge-based economy. DKP is a unique hub that offers the best selection of programs in Human Resource Management (HRM), Consultancy, Training and Personal Development. Students receive diplomas and certificates of the highest caliber from DKP’s top-class Business Partners.Dubai Knowledge Park provides flexible solutions with support from its innovative customer service team. With their assistance, DKP business partners have set up training centers, institutes and HR agencies to sustain and secure their market share in this booming sector.

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  • DMCC

    Made for Trade, DMCCis a leading centre for trading international commodities and the world’s fastest-growing Free Zone. They regulate, promote and facilitate trade across a range of goods from gold, diamonds and precious metals to tea, food and industrial materials. Today, as home to major multinationals and start-ups, it connects more than 13,000 businesses with the world-class services, leading infrastructure.DMCC is a government entity established in 2002 to enhance commodity trade flows through Dubai. A unique combination of Free Zone status, state of the art commercial and residential property and top-tier commodities and financial services, puts DMCC in a class of its own. Added to this, ongoing investment in the most interconnected, innovative infrastructure and leading business services makes it easy to trade from here. Efficiently, effortlessly, anywhere in the world.

    Today more than 13,000 companies call DMCC home, ranging from multinational corporations to start-ups. Almost 90,000 people live and work here. Endorsed by the ‘Global Free Zone of the Year’ award from the Financial Times fDi magazine for the last two years, DMCC is indeed, Made for Trade.

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  • Dubai Science Park

    Dubai Science Park (DSP) is the region’s first freezone community that serves the entire value chain of the science sector, dedicated to supporting scientific Entrepreneurs, SMEs and multinational enterprises.

    Designed specifically for the needs of businesses and professionals who work in life sciences, DSP fosters an environment that supports scientific research, creativity, innovation and passion. By providing ample office and laboratory space, a robust infrastructure and a vibrant community for residents, DSP ensures a supportive eco-system for businesses to flourish and bring about sustainable change and improvement to the world around us.

    DSP offers license for:
    • Service
    • Commercial
    • Manufacturing sectors

    for companies operating in the science sector.

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  • Dubai Silicon Oasis

    Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA), a 100% government-owned free zone, was established following Law no 16 of 2005 of the Government of Dubai, with the Mission to "facilitate and promote modern technology based industries" thus supporting the region's demand for business expansion. Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) is a technology park and provides both a living and working integrated community.DSO's urban master-planned community spans 7.2 million square meters and has been carefully divided into 5 main pillars based on industrial, commercial, education, living and residences, and public facilities. The technology park enjoys state-of-the-art utility infrastructure featuring advanced telecommunications, electricity, and road networks.

    Dubai Silicon Oasis is designed as a hi-tech ecosystem which offers businesses a plethora of advantages including a state-of-the-art infrastructure, in-house business services and strong business support such as technology investment incentives for large enterprises, entrepreneurial support, an incubation centre and venture capital funding.

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  • International Humanitarian City

    Touched by all the crisis and challenges happening across the Globe, and with a firm belief in planting a seed of goodness in every corner of this world, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai felt that the UAE could put its expertise and strategic location to good use and become the nucleus of Global humanitarian work. Therefore, to respond to this, His Highness created the International Humanitarian City (IHC) in 2003.

    The International Humanitarian City (IHC) is the one and only nonprofit, independent, humanitarian free-zone Authority hosting a community of members comprised of UN agencies, Nonprofit Organizations, Intergovernmental Organizations and Commercial Companies working as ONE for Humanity.Today, the IHC has grown to become the largest humanitarian city, with the most diverse members; broadest and most efficient reach, and most diverse offering. The IHC puts Dubai’s strength to work to serve the most vulnerable across the Globe. The IHC team strive to provide them with a wide range of services including: facilitating emergency preparedness; response and evacuation; licensing and one-stop-shop for all government services; secure and cost efficient warehouses and facilities; access to partnerships and fundraising; the development of a humanitarian data bank and innovation lab, and last but not least, visibility and support to their major projects.

    International Humanitarian City (IHC) is the one and only non-profit, independent, humanitarian free-zone Authority hosting a community of members comprised of:
    • UN agencies
    • Non-Profit Organizations
    • Intergovernmental Organizations
    • Commercial Companies, Working as ONE for Humanity. Today, the IHC has grown to become the largest humanitarian city, with the most diverse members, broadest and most efficient reach, and most diverse offering. The IHC puts Dubai’s strength to work to serve the most vulnerable across the Globe.

    IHC offers,
    • A warehouse complex of 52,179.49 sqm, including specialized cold storage for perishables and medical supplies
    • An office complex of 10, 665 sqm housing a community of UN agencies, major NGOs and private businesses with conference and training facilities
    • Facilities management services including maintenance, security, and leasing
    • Assistance with customs formalities, visas issuance, and other government services
    • Registration and licensing of humanitarian organizations and commercial companies
    • IHC allows registered NGOs to raise funds for their humanitarian causes and projects in liaison with liable Dubai Government departments
    • IHC’s News and Events Centre assisting in publishing members latest news as well as providing online news monitoring services and promoting IHC’s members upcoming events
    • Voluntary and pro bono services through online database
    • Recruitment services through access to online database of CVs and job openings at member organizations

    The IHC supports its members with daily operations and activities including:
    • Meetings & Conferences
    • Cafeteria & Catering
    • Outdoor Landscape
    • Shuttle Bus Services(Transportation)
    • Emirates air tickets discounts for members and their guests

    Membership allows for the following:
    • 100% ownership
    • Tax free environment for 50 years
    • Close access to Jebel Ali sea port and Al Maktoum Airport
    • The exceptional security procedures in the IHC premises are established to ensure the security & safety of all IHC’s members by providing access controlled entrances, closed control circuit television cameras, and 24/7 security guards.

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  • Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority

    Jafza, the trade catalyst, has evolved into a unique trade ecosystem that reduces cost, while enabling new opportunities for growth.Today, Jafza is a dynamic base for thousands of businesses, from over 100 countries, sustaining over 135,000 jobs and attracting more than 20% of the UAE’s foreign direct investment; all the while exceeding 50% of Dubai’s total exports, with a phenomenal value for trade of $69 billion.As part of the vision of the late ruler of Dubai Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Jafza has matured into an ever expanding business platform that is ready for today. It has grown from a small operation of just 19 companies into a thriving business community with over 7,000 companies that continues to expand.Jafza is one of the most competitive locations to establish your business and see it grow.

    Here your business will benefit from:
    • A customized platform for global connectivity
    • Connections with a network of business leaders with a history of success
    • An easy operating environment created around simplifying your operations

    Jafza offers investors:
    • 100% foreign ownership.
    • 0% corporate tax for 50 years(a concession that is renewable).
    • No restriction on capital repatriation.
    • 0% import or re-export duties.
    • 0% personal income tax.
    • No currency restrictions.
    • No restriction on foreign talent or employees.
    • Ability to mortgage your premises to a bank or financing company.
    • Onsite Customs.

    Jafza’s product offerings ensure that you will find the right set-up for your needs including plots of land, warehouses, showrooms, customized development solutions, offices, retail outlets, a business park and even on-site residences.Everything at Jafza has been designed with the unique needs of manufacturing and trading companies in mind. Come join our dynamic community of some of the most successful businesses in the world.

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  • Dubai Production City

    Dubai Production City is a leading business hub enabling the global and local publishing, printing and packaging industries to excel.Home to qualified business professionals from around the globe, Dubai Production City is a holistic community offering business, retail and residential lifestyle.

    DPC was launched in 2003 as the first dedicated community aiming to advance the development of the production industry in the region.DPC benefits from free zone privileges and regulations that facilitate the ease of business and operations, a unique and vibrant community supporting and fostering the growth of media production.

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  • Dubai South

    Dubai South –The City of You – is an emerging 145 sq. km. master-planned city based on happiness of the individual.

    Identified as the emirate's flagship urban project, Dubai South is centered on the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. The royal vision is reflected in the themes of Dubai Plan 2021, which apply to Dubai South as follows:
    • To become a city of happy, creative and empowered people
    • To become the preferred place to live, work and invest
    • To create an inclusive and cohesive society
    • To build a smart and sustainable city
    • To become a pivotal hub in the global economy

    Dubai South is projected to sustain a population of a million. As an economic platform, it is designed to support every conceivable kind of business and industry and create 500,000 jobs. It is home to the world's largest airport in the making – the Al Maktoum International Airport – and is host landmark events such as World Expo 2020 and the Dubai Airshow. Launched as a Government of Dubai project in 2006, Dubai South is easily accessed from downtown Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

    The Business Park Free Zone at Dubai South offers flexible office spaces suited to every need – from start-ups to SMEs and large corporations – in diverse sectors. It also features a BUSINESS CENTRE that offers a 360-degree office solution outlook around the clock.The 21 sq. km. Logistics District is a multimodal platform for companies affiliated to the supply chain. Granting seamless sea-road-air connectivity, the district offers build-to-suit as well as ready-to-use facilities designed to serve contract logistics, integrators, freight-forwarders and agents. Airside access to the Al Maktoum International Airport facilitate air cargo operations. There are also zones reserved for mixed-use development.

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  • Meydan

    Meydan offers international free zone trading status for businesses locating to Dubai, UAE. Meydan Free Zone companies become part of a thriving, centrally located economic community with one of the best address in the region. Our flexible desk spaces cater for all business whatever their scale or size.

    Meydan is the visionary concept of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai. The project is the culmination of his vision to create not just a venue for horseracing, but an integrated city that is sustainable, environmentally responsible and one that positions Dubai at the centre of the competitive global business stage.

    Meydan Group aims to link the world with the Emirate of Dubai through international horseracing and equestrian events, a range of commercial developments, hospitality, sports, entertainment and amusement services, a series of state-of-the-art business parks, residential villa communities, schools, hospitals, business towers with luxury waterfront developments and shopping destinations.

    Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City covers approximately 47 million square feet of prime freehold development in the heart of Dubai and features several development projects by Meydan. Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City - District Eleven is a cosmopolitan, family-oriented community comprising villas and mixed-use buildings and offering a number of attractive amenities and facilities including Emirates Airline housing, Meydan Villas and The Kent College of Canterbury. Meydan Heights is also home to Emirates Airline housing, a premium development comprising 528 units of townhouse community living and includes retail, park areas and public amenities such as a community centre and mosques. Meydan Avenue incorporates the iconic Grandstand and The Meydan Hotel at its heart will set new standards of living, build an inspirational business culture and offer a lifestyle of exceptional quality.

    Taking the modern standard of living to new heights, Meydan One will offer a premium lifestyle to more than 83,000 residents with remarkable amenities and facilities including the 711m tall Dubai One Tower, Meydan One Mall, a five-star hotel, a civic plaza with dancing water fountains, an indoor sports facility, a 4 km canal and a marina.

    The centrally located Meydan Free Zone offers a prime location and ease of incorporation while driving businesses through advanced telecommunications, high technology and business space flexibility.

    Meydan Group brings together elegant lifestyle opportunities with leading entertainment and sporting events. The portfolio consists of The Meydan Hotel, Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa, The Track Meydan Golf, QUBE Sports Lounge, Meydan Tennis Academy, Dubai Equestrian Club, Emirates Equestrian Centre, Dubai Racing Club and the iconic architectural marvel, Meydan Racecourse, home of the world’s richest horse race – the Dubai World Cup.

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  • Fujairah

  • Creative City Fujairah

    Since the company launch in 2007, Creative City has been providing thousands of clients with reliable services in a successful business environment. Creative City sets up professional environment for individuals and businesses working in a broad spectrum of business fields including media, events, consulting, education, communication and marketing, music and entertainment, design and technology complementing existing media clusters in the region and further facilitating creativity in all fields. Creative City provides licenses to individuals within a Free Zone economic environment. It regulates and processes all government formalities, work permits and visas and simplifies the process of a business startup. Providing a complete one-stop solution, Creative City offers customized services and business packages and ensures professional assistance to its clients during every step of a company formation process.

    Following the Emiri Decree No. (4) for the year 2007, of His Highness Hamad Bin Mohammed Al-Sharqi, Ruler of the Emirate of Fujairah, and under the administration of Fujairah Culture and Media Authority, whose Chairman is His Highness Rashid Bin Hamad Al-Sharqi, a new media free zone was launched in the Emirate of Fujairah called Creative City.

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  • Fujairah Free Zone Authority

    Fujairah Free Zone is adjacent to the Port of Fujairah. Companies established here have easy access to all Arabian Gulf ports, the Red Sea, Iran, India and Pakistan on weekly feeder vessels. Mainline services arrive from Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, Far East and North America on a weekly basis, and services leave twice weekly to the Far East and once a week to North America. Fujairah Free Zone is also close to Fujairah International Airport which is the only airport serving the UAE East Coast as well as northern Oman.A fortunate combination of geographic location, with access to world's major shipping routes, a fine port & airport, and streamlined procedures, make the Free Zone of Fujairah an ideal place for business.

    Accessibility & personal touch of the staff, and management. Fujairah Free Zone offers a unique Connectivity - logistic link to the world; by air through Fujairah International Airport, by sea through Fujairah Sea Port, and by road to Middle East & beyond. Investors benefit by way of faster transaction, accruing due to shorter delivery times. Fujairah Free Zone (FFZ) offers an unmatched Economy - cheaper tariffs, and minimum start up time. Licenses can be issued within one working day. Reduced establishment expenses, and lower overheads, make FFZ a very cost-effective investment proposition.

    • Multi-access to neighboring and global markets by land, sea and air.
    • Variety of investment fields
    • Investor-oriented policies
    • Efficient and cost-effective investment facilitation
    • Full investment security
    • Served by Fujairah Port and the Fujairah International Airport

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  • Ras Al Khaimah

  • RAS AL KHAIMAH ECONOMIC ZONE(RAK Investment Authority Free Zone/Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone)-RAKEZ

    RAK FTZ and RAKIA are now part of a larger group, RAK Economic Zone (RAKEZ)!

    RAKEZ is an Authority established to oversee and consolidate the specialized parks and clients of both Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone (RAK FTZ) and RAK Investment Authority (RAKIA). RAKEZ, the world-class economic zone is aimed at offering highly customized facilities and services within an efficient ecosystem in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah.

    Based in the heart of Ras Al Khaimah and guided by the vision of His Highness Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi, United Arab Emirates Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah, Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ) was established to oversee and consolidate the specialized zones and clients of both Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone (RAK FTZ) and RAK Investment Authority (RAKIA).

    RAKEZ is committed to its promise of empowering free zone and non-free zone investors by offering a cost-effective and world-class economic zone with customizable packages and services as well as state-of-the-art facilities.Blessed with a strategic location, RAKEZ connects investors to growing markets of the Middle East, North Africa, Europe as well as South and Central Asia.RAKEZ is the continuation of the story that started with the foundation of RAK Free Trade Zone in 2000 and the establishment of RAK Investment Authority in 2005.It is the preferred business destination of more than 13,000 multinational companies from over 100 countries representing above 50 sectors.

    Cost-effective business solutions
    • Free zone and non-free zone company formation
    • 100 per cent foreign ownership
    • Fast and efficient business set-up processes
    • Wide-ranging business and industrial facilities and value-added services
    • Provision to build on-site staff and labour accommodation
    • One-stop shop facility for services
    • Self-service customer portal
    • Connectivity to major logistical hubs and multilane super highways
    • Accessibility via an international spread of regional offices
    • Easy access to markets across the Middle East, Europe, North Africa and Asia regions

    RAKEZ Zones:
    • Rakez business zone
    • Al hamra industrial zone
    • Al ghail industrial zone
    • Al hulaila industrial zone
    • Rakez academic zone
    • Media zone

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  • RAK PORTS /RAK Maritime City

    RAK Ports have traditionally been a central contributor to the economy of the Ras Al Khaimah, acting as key maritime gateways for import and export activities, to and from Ras Al Khaimah all over the world. The expansion and diversification of services offered across the the five individual ports of Ras Al Khaimah consolidates their importance to the growing economic success of the Emirate, and to the overall profile of Ras Al Khaimah as a top-class location for doing business in a wide range of industrial sectors.

    Ras Al Khaimah has five Ports which act as a major commercial window to the rest of the World for Ras Al Khaimah, and are central to the Emirate’s economy.
    • RAK Maritime City
    • Ras Al Khaimah Port
    • Saqr Port(Non-Freezone)
    • Al Jeer Port(Non-Freezone)
    • Al Jazeera Port(Non-Freezone)

    RAK Maritime City:
    RAK Maritime City Free Zone covers an area of several million sq.m2, divided into zoned plots which can accommodate businesses of varying size and across multiple industrial sectors. It’s strategic position as the nearest Free Zone to the Strait of Hormuz has unique advantages in terms of fuel cost savings. It provides a choice of flexible and attractive company set-up options.

    Ras Al Khaimah Port:
    Ras Al Khaimah Port has incorporated a Free Zone Area adjacent to Waterfront Access, enabling the attraction of significant global customers who can benefit from its strategic advantages and professional environment. A growing portfolio of Warehousing and Cold Storage Facilities, a combined area of 28,000 Sq.m2. A range of professional marine services are available.

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  • Sharjah

  • Hamriyah Free Zone Authority

    Hamriyah Free Zone Authority was established by an Emiri decree issued in November 12, 1995. It is located in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, which gives the free zone a unique geographic and time zone advantage backed by a secure and fully convertible currency and a multi-access to neighboring and global countries through land, sea and air. Hamriyah Free Zone is fast becoming one of the cornerstones of the United Arab Emirates industrial development. As the Next Generation Free Zone, Hamriyah Free Zone is ensuring that its management is flexible and dynamic besides being an investor oriented free zone.Hamriyah Free Zone is challenged to provide competitive incentives and unique opportunities to establish a business in a tax-free environment, full company ownership, exemptions from all commercial levies and repatriation of capital and profits. The free zone manages an area of approximately 22 million Sq.M2 of prime industrial and commercial land and a 14-meter-deep water port which includes room for expansion.

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  • Sharjah Airport Free Zone Authority

    Dedicated to quality and excellence,SAIF ZONE is the symbol of efficient operations, the better alternative for business ventures in the UAE and beyond. Easily accessible to seaports on the Gulf of Oman (Port Khor Fakkan) and the Arabian Gulf (Port Khalid), SAIF ZONE is built adjacent to the Sharjah International Airport.

    SAIF-Zone is the fastest growing Free Zone in the Middle East. Today, it is the most highly sought-after investment and business destination with a strategic location, modern infrastructure and an emphasis on cost effectiveness.SAIF-Zone is a host to 7000 companies from 160 countries engaged in varied activities like, manufacturing, trading and the service industry.SAIF-ZONE has a 24-hour licensing service which enables businesses to be up and running sooner than has ever been possible before.

    Versatility has always been one of SAIF-ZONE’s prime objectives. From a single office space to entire manufacturing facilities and everything in between, the options are designed to accommodate every business and every scenario. Warehouses, storage areas, container parking, bunkers and labour housing are all available at the lowest costs and highest quality.

    Thanks to these options, some of the world’s most prestigious companies operating in the Middle East have SAIF-ZONE’s as their base, with the added personal, corporate and competitive advantage of 100% foreign ownership, 100% repatriation of capital and profits and 100% free transfer of funds.

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  • Sharjah Media City Free Zone -SHAMS

    Sharjah Media City (Shams), is located in the emirate of Sharjah, the cultural capital of the UAE. Shams was launched in January 2017, with a vision to be a world-class hub for media and creativity in the region. Shams’ mission is to make creative entrepreneurship accessible and inspire business growth in the region. The Shams community fosters a vibrant ecosystem for innovation to live, learn and co-create.

    As a world-class Free Zone hub for innovation, Shams sets the benchmark for service and support to those wishing to set-up and launch their business with specialized facilities for the creative and media industries.
    Can process licenses even if the investor is outside UAE.

    As a world-class Free Zone hub for innovation, Shams sets the benchmark for service and support to those wishing to set-up and launch their business with specialized facilities for the creative and media industries.Shams is a dynamic initiative that makes a strong connection with the talented individuals it attracts. As a creative forward-thinking community Shams offers smart innovative services, coupled with a holistic community-centered approach.

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  • Al Quwain

  • Umm Al Quwain Free Zone Authority

    UAQ FTZ is situated close to the UAE’s primary seaports and within one hour’s drive of Dubai International Airport and Sharjah International Airport, ensuring easy access to the rest of the world. Thanks to UAQ FTZ’s investor-friendly environment, establishing a commercial base in the UAE has never been simpler. Forward-thinking SMEs and micro-businesses in particular will benefit from advantageous set-up costs, 100% company ownership and zero currency restrictions.

    This is the Free Zone of the future, where progressive companies – regardless of the sector in which they operate – can enjoy doing business in a safe, secure and prosperous environment. With UAQ FTZ, the sky’s the limit.

    UAQ FTZ offers:
    • Flexibility and ease of doing business
    • Customer-friendly approach
    • Investor-friendly climate
    • Excellent growth opportunities
    • Cost-effective leasing options for office space and warehousing

    The benefits:
    • 0% corporate and personal tax
    • 100% company ownership
    • Full range of business activities permitted
    • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
    • No currency restrictions
    • 100% import and export tax exemption within the Free Zone
    • Simple and fast registration process with excellent customer support
    • Hi-tech facilities including office, warehouse and land availability
    • Strategic location with access to over two billion consumers
    • Ideal location for SMEs and micro-businesses
    • Close to two international airports and major sea ports
    • Special concessions at UAQ’s sea port
    • No restrictions on hiring foreign employees
    • Modern and investor-friendly rules and regulations

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