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  • Business Setup

    Starting a business in Dubai involves understanding the difference between:
    • Mainland Entity
    • Freezone Entity
    • Offshore Entity

      • Followed by choice of licenses based on the activities. We aid Entrepreneurs, Investors and Startups to get their business setup within the 7 emirates of the UAE. We take great responsibility for our clients and can assist you; setup your business in any emirate as per suitability in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Quwain

        To help you with your Company incorporation, will:
        • Register the company by processing requisite documents and submit it to the concerned authorities
        • Apply for the trade license on your behalf
        • Take care of all formalities pertaining to company incorporation in U.A.E

          • Let us guide you in reaching your dreams of becoming an entrepreneur and help you grow your business

            Main Land

            U.A.E has become one of the major business hubs in the Middle East, hosting dynamic and diversified economy as well as providing a large number of businesses with great infrastructure. It is located strategically to serve as the biggest production and import-export designation for the world.
            U.A.E. is famous for its business-friendly infrastructure and facilities. Mainland company registration is still the first preference by most of the organizations when establishing their business. A company or enterprise in the mainland cannot have 100% ownership. It needs to have a UAE national to be as a local sponsor and the foreign individual/enterprise can get a maximum 49% ownership. A company in the mainland gives access to the local market of U.A.E. To setup a company in the Mainland, a UAE national sponsorship is mandatory, with zero involvement in the company operations or profit sharing.

            Mainland business setup in UAE is registered with the Department of Economic Development (DED). This would fit those who are planning to set up a company locally. A local sponsor (U.A.E. citizen) who will be a co-owner of the business, or a local agent who will not own shares, but will be your gateway to the local market, is required in order to open a Mainland company. Some of the main advantages in setting up business in mainland UAE are:
            • Direct access to local UAE market
            • No limitations on activities

            A verified office address is required; hence it is the investor’s responsibility to ensure a valid tenancy contract be arranged before obtaining/applying for the Mainland Company License. Below mentioned are the procedures:
            • Business Activity Selection and Name Approval
            • Selection of Local Partner or Service Agent
            • Apply for Initial Approval for Mainland company setup
            • Preparation of requisite documents with legalization and notarization as per UAE law
            • Obtain Office Space and Tenancy Contact
            • Final Submission for Mainland company formation in UAE

            A U.A.E. national has to hold at least 51% of total equity in any commercial company, except in the following cases:
            • Activities with 100% GCC ownership
            • Businesses located in the Freezones
            • Instances where GCC companies (wholly owned) enter into a partnership with UAE national

            United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the most popular trading environments in the Gulf and an ideal location for mainland company setup due to its strategic location (situated midway between Africa and CIS countries, and Europe and the Far East)
            There are many advantages of mainland company incorporation in UAE, these are:
            • Ease of getting office space at affordable rates with flexibility to rent / lease office anywhere
            • Flexibility to do business in any part of the UAE
            • No restrictions in processing legal documents
            • No yearly auditing
            • No limitations in getting employment visas and easy recruiting process
            • Not mandatory for local sponsor to avail Professional Licenses

            Any investor planning to establish a mainland company in UAE, can setup their business establishments in any of the following ways:
            • Branch of Foreign Companies
            • Professional Firms
            • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
            • Representative Offices
            • Public Shareholding Companies

            Branch of Foreign Companies

            The branch will be considered as headquarters of a foreign company in U.A.E. and its activity should be according to the U.A.E. law. A Branch can conduct freely the same activities for which it is licensed. Manager must be appointed to represent the company; the manager must have an approved motion by the Board of Directors to open the branch.
            • Type of business practiced should be stated
            • Proposed business activity for a branch of foreign Company should be within the domain of the activities performed by the parent company
            • Branch Companies are permitted to enter into contracts and conduct local business

            Professional Firms

            In a professional firm, 100% foreign ownership & sole proprietorship are permitted. Such firms may engage in professional activities. A UAE national must be appointed as Local Service Agent.The local service agent’s role is to assist in obtaining license, visas, immigration card and labor card of the company. Under professional license; trading, purchase or sales of goods, transport, banking and finance etc., are not permitted. A foreign company can be a partner in a civil company as long as they are engaged in the same line of business in home country.
            • These are also known as civil companies.
            • Minimum of 1 and maximum of 50 shareholders are allowed.
            • In order to carry out professional practice in the UAE, foreign investors can set up a partnership firm / professional company.
            • Unlike LLC companies, there is no restriction of 51% local equity to establish professional firms.
            • 100% ownership.
            • Appointment of a UAE national as your local service agent.
            • The local service agent will not be having any direct involvement in the business.
            • Local service agents are paid an annual basis or a percentage of profits or on turnover as agreed.
            • Only non-commercial activities are allowed.

            Limited Liability Company (L.L.C.)

            The Limited Liability Company formation is the most general type of business setup in the U.A.E. This is the most popular form of company to do the business in UAE. Expects can have 49% stake in the business as per the UAE commercial law.GCC nationals are allowed to own 100% share capital of L.L.C. setup in U.A.E. but if GCC national has an expert partner in the company then 51% of company must be owned by an Emirate shareholder.An investor is able to setup a L.L.C. by sharing 51% of the company with a local sponsor (UAE National). Under this formation, the local sponsor will be paid an annual sponsorship fee in return.
            • L.L.C. is the most common form of business in U.A.E.
            • L.L.C. can be established with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 50 partners
            • The percentage of individual's share in the capital decides the power to each partner

            For the L.L.C. formation process the investor should reserve a trade name and get initial approval from the DED (Department of Economic development). Documents required for getting an initial approval are:
            • Application for Dubai company formation and license, along with reserved trade name
            • Passport copy of the foreign investor
            • Copy of no-objection certificate from current sponsor if the applicants have a residence Visa.
            • Copy of passport of local sponsor along with family book.
            • Copy of Emirates ID (for UAE nationals only)
            • Copy of passport of proposed directors and general manager

            Post the initial approval, sign the Contract of Establishment before a notary and submit the same to the D.E.D. for the final approval. The agreement of LLC formation should have:
            • Details related to the trade name
            • Business activity
            • Office address
            • Name of shareholders
            • Their permanent address and nationality
            • Place of residence
            • Profit/loss sharing details
            • Capital investment
            • Complete address of the office managers
            • Notification method to be initiated in the office.

            Documents required for final approval:
            • A copy of initial approval issued from the DED.
            • A set documents submitted for initial approval
            • Copy of office lease agreement called Ejari, including the address of the plot
            • Memorandum of Association duly signed by a notary in local court.

            Formalities and registration processes related to L.L.C formation is generally determined by each Emirate. There can be slight variations in the procedures however the documents to be submitted are always the same.

            Benefits of a L.L.C Formation:
            • It permits you to do local trade and services
            • It is the most popular form of establishing a commercial company in U.A.E.
            • The investor has the option to launch branches in any Emirate
            • Easy to open and operate bank accounts and avail credit facilities
            • Warehouse and office facilities can be availed

            Representative Offices
            • U.A.E. Commercial Company Law allows foreign companies to open Branch/Representative offices without any shareholder
            • Representative Offices are not allowed to perform trading or manufacturing activity and cannot even invoice as these are essentially the parent company's marketing arms

            Public Shareholding Companies
            • Companies performing public shareholding, financial, banking or insurance activities are known as public shareholding companies
            • For a public shareholding company, it is suitable for large projects or operations as the capital requirement is high


            Free Zone or free trade zone is an area with special tax-free status and low trade barriers where goods can be manufactured, imported, exported, handled or reconfigured without paying any customs duty. Free trade zones are generally located in the strategic geographical locations like national borders, international airports, and major seaports to maximize trading advantages. UAE government has setup multiple Freezones in the Emirates, each designed for specific business activity. UAE free trade zones offer lucrative facilities to non-resident corporates like convenience of single window administration, no bureaucratic red tape and 100% ownership.
            A free zone, is 100% ownership establishments.Free Zone Company establishing a business entity in one of the UAE's many Free trade zones (FTZs) is an attractive option for foreign investors. The main attraction for setting up a company in a free zone is 100% ownership. All Freezones in UAE offer the following incentives:
            • 100% foreign ownership
            • 100% import and export tax exemptions
            • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
            • No currency restrictions
            • Corporate tax exemption
            • Low freight charges
            • Ample and low-priced energy
            • Inexpensive workforce, and easy recruitment procedures
            • Efficient communication procedures and single window administration
            • Liberal policies and legal framework
            • Timely and streamlined immigration process
            • Sponsorship and visas for affordable skilled work-force
            • Freehold offices available on sale or lease
            • Easy start-up and licensing procedures
            • Unique industry clustering and purpose-built infrastructure
            • 3 years UAE residence visa
            • No restrictions on hiring expatriates
            • No capital
            • No security deposit on visas

            Free Zone companies can only operate within the free zone boundaries. A company with a service license could provide consultancy services to clients outside of the Free Zone and a company providing logistics services under a commercial license could pick up and deliver (but not sell) products within the UAE. However, trading activities under a commercial license only permit the holder to sell their products in the UAE market through a local registered distributor or a commercial agent in the UAE. A Free Zone Company can obtain UAE residence visas. A free zone license is strictly associated with free zone office space which means you have to rent it. Free zone business license and visa costs are cheaper, but it restricts you to work within Freezones and international regions only. Company Bank account can be opened & operated solely by expatriate in a Free zone company. Fees of freezone depend upon several factors including:
            • Nature and size of the operations.
            • Activity & Facility required (E-Office/ Furnished Office/ Warehouse/ Land).
            • Visa required (depending upon the rent and size of the office).
            • Location and space required.

            There are few limitations for a Free Zone established enterprise
            • A free zone company is not allowed to trade directly with UAE market. The free zone companies can undertake business activity in the local Arab markets only through locally appointed distributors
            • 5% customs duty is applicable to pursue local business

            has enormous knowledge and understanding in company formation and can recommend the right Freezone for your company set up, based on:

            This is the most important step in Company formation in U.A.E.Freezones. Many investors, who want to incorporate their company in one of UAE Freezones go for the cheapest option available.There is a need to understand the hidden charges to be paid for the services that are essential for the survival of their businesses. The total cost of UAE Freezone companies can be classified into two parts.
            • First year cost for Company formation in U.A.E Freezones
            • Yearly renewal costs for Business setup in UAE Freezones

            Some of U.A.E.Freezones proposed packages that are economical than the normal company incorporation costs. Investors fall prey to these packages without understanding, they have to pay the package charges every year. The normal yearly renewal charges could be cheaper than the cost of the packages. In addition, most of these packages consist of only the License and not the cost of the facility. Your efforts to decide the real cost of Company formation in UAE Free zones is very limited in the case of Business setup in U.A.E.Freezone packages.
            Identify the hidden charges and compare the costs for Company formation in UAE Freezones. It may take many resources, including many visits to various U.A.E Freezones.Understanding the procedure followed by the Freezones, asking the right questions, collecting the cost details, etc.,are most difficult part. Hence For starters, it would be ideal to appoint SI DI in U.A.E to do this job for you.
            With some of UAE Freezones, you have the option of making the payments in installments; however, pay attention to the total cost.The total cost could be higher than the normal charges by a minimum of 10% and up to 50%.

            After you make the payments, the concerned Freezone authority would prepare the suitable legal documents and you would be requested to sign them in the presence of an official of that particular U.A.E.Freezone. If the physical presence is not possible for the investor. Then the same can be achieved by giving a legally attested P.O.A, dully stamped by the U.A.E Embassy in the home country of the investor and by the Ministry of Foreign affairs in the U.A.E.

            Business Activity

            Selecting the business activities for Business setup in U.A.E freezone is a vital step. Not all U.A.E Freezones allow all type of activities, they specialize in certain activities. It is important to check that your proposed activities are allowed by the Freezone of your choice. Moreover, there are restrictions over the number activities allowed.

            Determine a legal structure

            The first step in free zone company formation is to select the legal structure. The legal structure of free zone companies varies according to the number and nature of the partners involved. Documentation required, costs, etc. Documents needed for a corporate partner or a branch entity would be different from those required for a single shareholder.

            One must need to understand the legal entities beforehand for company incorporation in U.A.E. The different types of business entities that can be setup in the UAE Freezones:
            • Branch of a foreign or local company
            • Free Zone Establishment (F.Z.E.) with single shareholders
            • Free Zone Company (F.Z.C.) with multiple shareholders


            Post the decision of the legal entity for the company, it is important to analyze the type of facility. This is purely based on the type of license and the number of Visa’s (Employees) required to accommodate. The type of Facilities offered by most of the Freezones, availability can be a key factor. Therefore it is crucial to understand the availability of the vital facilities provided by the Free Zone before starting Business setup in U.A.E. freezone.

            The type facilities provided by the Freezones:
            • Virtual office or flex desk
            • Office space
            • Building
            • Plot
            • Warehouse

            Virtual office or flexi disk

            For small business which cannot afford the high cost of an office, secretary and directors.Freezones allow a flex disk or virtual offices. Which allows the company to have all the facilities like other big Freezone corporation apart from visa allowance. Total number of visas allowed for a Virtual office can be anything between 0 to 4.

            Office space,Building,Plot,Warehouse

            The above facilities allow you to have multiple Visas depending on the size of the facility. Visa allowance is on the Freezones Authority’s discretion. Some Freezone allows 1 visa per 8 Square Meters (1 Sq. Mt = 10.7639 Sq. Ft) and some may allow 1 visa per 10 Square Meters. The grant of visas per Square Meters is different amongst all the U.A.E. Freezones. The Facilities mentioned above can be purchased on rental or ownership basis. However not every Freezone provides their facility on ownership basis.

            To Setup a company in a Freezone is a tedious task and may take up your valuable time. SI DI will guide you through the procedure of company formation in Freezones,

            The crux behind formation of Freezones is to offer companies, private business and government organizations to retain the 100% ownership in company formation by himself without the need to have a U.A.E. national partner.

            Each Free Trade Zone has its own rules and regulations. The procedure to setup a free zone company can be summarized in the following steps:

            Determine the type of license

            Type of License will determine the type facilities you would be permitted by the freezone. Freezones offer the following types of business license;
            • Free Zone Commercial License

            Business activities such as repairing, workshops, trading etc., would need a commercial license.
            • Free Zone General Trading License

            A General Trading license allows you to deal in almost all types of goods with the exemption of banned goods and products that need special approvals. Normally the general trading license is relatively more expensive than the trading license.
            • Free Zone Consultancy / Service License

            Service businesses such as consultancy, advisory in any industry, may choose a consultancy license.
            • Free Zone Trading License

            A trading license allows you to carry out trading activities (buying, import & export, selling) of limited number of goods and commodities. Most of the Freezones allow trading in around 3 categories of items under a trading license.
            • Free Zone Industrial License

            Activities such as manufacturing, packaging, processing and assembling fall under the Industrial License.

            Once the type of license is confirmed the next steps are:
            • Confirm the business activity
            • Confirm the business facility
            • Create A business plan

            A concrete business plan is required for Freezone company formation in U.A.E. It is required to submit the business plan to the U.A.E.Freezones authority for approval before you can be granted business license to operate.
            Many investors make the mistake of not preparing a business plan for Company formation in U.A.EFreezones. A business plan helps you to set your business targets and milestones. A proper business plan assists you to keep trail of the performance of your business. So, a business plan is a must not only for meeting the requirements of U.A.E. Freezone company formation, but also for efficient running of your business. However, there are few Freezone in U.A.E that do not require a business plan.
            • Submit application and documents

            Depending on the nature of the business, the documents required may vary. In common you would need the following documents.
        • Business plan.
        • Visa copy (if you have an existing UAE visa).
        • Passport copies of shareholder(s).
        • Bank statements (to prove the capital amount).
        • Free Zone application form.
        • No objection certificate from the current sponsor (for UAE residents only).

        To set up a subsidiary or branch of a foreign company in U.A.E. Freezones, extra documents would be required.

        • Secure the preliminary approvals
        Currently some U.A.E. Freezones may call for prior approvals from other governing departments to start the Freezone company formation in U.A.E. These approvals could be from:
        • Environment Department:

        For certain activities, particularly industrial activity, clearance certificate from the Environment Department is necessary.

        • Immigration Department:
        Some Freezones provides this request for the clients; some requires the client to process it by themselves wherein some Freezones do not need this approval at all. Though it is beneficial to make sure that your visa application would not face any problems after the company formation, it would delay the entire process by a few weeks.

        • Ministry of Health:
        Certain cases require clearance certificate from the Department of Health to carry out activities related to food products, pharmaceuticals etc.

        • Obtain License

        Once you complete all the above steps it’s time to receive your License for the Business setup in U.A.E Freezone. Along with the business license, Freezones issue related documents such as:
        • Certificate of Incorporation
        • Share certificates
        • Immigration card, etc.

        helps you in determining the right Free Trade Zone in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain and Ajman. Your business depends on many factors.

        Additionally, we take care of;
        • Visa
        • Collecting required documents
        • Completing legal formalities
        • Prepare required documents for free zone company registration
        • LaisseLiaise with the authorities to the complete registration process
        • Obtain Trade License required on your behalf


        An Offshore company can be owned by individuals or corporate bodies.It is a business entity which does not carry out any substantial business activity in its country of origin (U.A.E). Also known as non-resident company, an offshore company cannot occupy an office space in the UAE.

        Such a company is framed under the no tax jurisdiction law with the sole purpose of enhancing wealth management and reducing Tax liability legally.

        There are various reasons for offshore company incorporation UAE, with the primary reason being complete confidentiality over the financial matters and increase in wealth without interruption. Additionally, it allows offshore companies a chance to eliminate or cut down different types of tax payments such as Capital gains, Death duty, VAT, Profits on business earnings, and Property sales, etc.

        Offshore company formation is ideal for international business, as no local rules are applicable. Which ensures that their assets are fully protected with free money repatriation and zero taxation.

        Activities of an Offshore Company

        Main activities that can be performed by an offshore company in UAE are:
        • Advisory services
        • Buying, holding, or selling stakes of companies
        • Commission Agents or intermediary brokers (IB's)
        • Consulting
        • General Trading
        • International and professional services
        • Investments and joint investments
        • Owning property
        • Shipping and ship management

        Features of a UAE offshore company are:
        • Flexibility to have a non-U.A.E., U.A.E., or Corporate resident, as the director or shareholder
        • Flexibility to maintain U.A.E. or worldwide deposits and bank accounts
        • No obligation to maintain its books and records
        • Physical presence of the shareholder or director is not required in the U.A.E. for company incorporation
        • Physical office in U.A.E not required
        • No need to carry on business within the UAE
        • No need to obtain UAE Residency Visa
        • Negligible dependence on any country for its overseas status and political and economic stability of jurisdiction
        • Taxation - Business can be structured so that profits are realized in ways that minimize their overall tax liability
        • Anonymity - The name of the underlying principal may be kept out of documentation by carrying out operations in the name of an offshore company
        • Property transfer - When the owner sells the property; a certain percentage of its value may be charged by the authority. The transfer fee can be easily avoided by selling the company itself
        • Multiple investors - Few of the property developers around the world insists that the property owner should not be more than one. Number of shareholders can be 1-50 in an offshore company and company owns the property
        • Bank account - Many of the International and local banks operating in U.A.E. offer offshore corporate bank accounts
        • Economic Stability - Availability of advanced banking system, latest telecommunication facilities, flexible legislative framework and simple incorporation and filing requirements

        Advantages of Setting up an Offshore Company in U.A.E.

        Most businesses use an offshore company as a holding company to hold licensing of franchises, copyrights, interests in other companies belonging to various jurisdictions, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights. Offshore company setup in U.A.E. also excites entrepreneurs due to minimum costs attached to employees and other related expenses, as there is no requirement to setup an onshore office.

        Offshore company formation in U.A.E. has multiple other advantages, such as:
        • 100% foreign ownership in Free Zones
        • 100% import and export tax exemption
        • 100% income tax, personal tax, and corporate tax exemption
        • 100% repatriation on capital and profit
        • Asset protection and investment diversification
        • Complete anonymity, confidentiality and privacy in operations
        • Ease of opening corporate bank account in Dubai
        • Ease of international operations
        • Easy procedures for share transfer
        • Income from taxable jurisdiction of an offshore or holding company is not taxable
        • Low operational costs, with world class banking and investment management services
        • Multi-currency bank accounts with placement of funds in bank accounts other than the home country
        • No foreign currency restrictions
        • No minimum capital requirement
        • Protection of Legal Asset and Investments
        • Proximity to Gulf and global markets
        • Quick incorporation within 2-3 working days

        can assist you incorporating and offshore entity in U.A.E. and help you with:
        • Filing with the registrar of Companies
        • Getting incorporation certificate
        • License renewal
        • Opening multi-currency bank account in Dubai
        • Preparing Memorandum and Articles of Association
        • Preparing registration forms

        Main Land Company Freezone Company Offshore Company
        Advantages Advantages Advantages
        • Access of doing any business with Mainland Dubai (B2B, B2C)
        • Large choices in terms of activities
        • Possibility to rent an office anywhere in Dubai (outside the Freezones)
        • Greater number of Employee visas allowed
        • No U.A.E. national shareholding or sponsor requirement.
        • 100% foreign ownership
        • Access to UAE residence visa
        • Straight Forward Business Set up Process
        • No obligation to rent an office
        • Cost effective
        • 100% tax exemption
        • 100% ownership
        • 100% corporate tax exemption
        • 100% capital and profit repatriation
        • Non U.A.E. resident can be the director or shareholder.
        Disadvantages Disadvantages Disadvantages
        • Local Partner with 51% off the share is mandatory
        • Dependence on local partners signature
        • Complex Visa process
        • High office Rental fees
        • Number of visas limited by office size
        • Some activity restrictions
        • No U.A.E residence visa allowed
        • Not allowed to trade within U.A.E.
        • No Credit card or cheque book for corporate bank account

  • License Renewal

    In UAE as a standard process and abided by the UAE law license is renewable every year. One cannot conduct business in U.A.E. without renewing the Trade License. You can change your sponsor and business address, if required at the time of trade license renewal.Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) has a commitment to saving time and energy when creating and renewing business licenses. Its processes are being continuously upgraded to maximize efficiency and encourage ease of business. You can apply online to get your license renewal.

    Renewing your business license consists of three steps:

    • Step 1
    Ensure the validity of your tenancy contract

    At the time of renewing your business license, your tenancy contract must be valid for a period not less than one month from the application date. Should your tenancy contract require renewing, please ensure that it is attested by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (Ejari).Companies must process the renewal of their tenancy contract prior to submitting their Commercial License renewal application at the DED.

    • Step 2
    Submitting application with all required documents. Collect activity-specific licensing approvals (if required), from Authorities like RTA, Fire Department etc.

    • Step 3
    Apply for license renewal

    Submit the required documents through various approved application channels:
    • Auto Renewal
    With the aim of providing a high standard of customer service, DED has launched the Auto Renew service. Send an SMS with your license number to 6969. Renewal Fees will be generated automatically and a payment voucher will be sent to the mobile number.

    Customer can pay online or offline through authenticated payment channels. DED will send a copy of the renewed license to the customer through SMS and registered email address.

    • Online
    DED has recently launched online portals where companies can renew trade licenses online; however this requires the company's owners to setup accounts prior to the renewal. The online account may only be created by the owners of the company at DED, by submitting personal documentation. The portal also allows owners to make online payment, but it must be noted that the registered payment account must be under the name of the owner of the online portal/ company.DED eServiceseservices, an online user account should be available.

    • Offline:
    • Authorized service centers
    • Law firms
    • Happiness Lounge

    Please consider attaching all required documents for each of the previous steps.

    Note: For branches of U.A.E., Freezone, GCC and foreign companies, a copy of the trade license of the parent company is required.

    Upon submitting the required documents, you will be issued with a payment voucher or a transaction number, which you will need to use as a reference when you pay.

    The license must be renewed before its expiry date. You will have to pay a monthly fineA monthly fine is incurred if the license is not renewed on time after expiry date. The fine differs with different authorities To renew license
    1. On Business Dashboard page, under My Transactions, click Renew License.
    2. In the License renewal information section, in the License number that is to be renewed text box, type the number of the license that you want to renew.
    3. Click Renew.

    Section Description
    License Renewal Information This section displays the main details of the license together with recommended renewal dates. Listed below are the items included in this section:
    • Trade name in Arabic
    • Trade name in English
    • License number
    • License expiration date (already expired)
    • Expiry date after renewal
    Change contact details This section includes the owner's details same as in the license as well certain details needs to be updated:
    • Mobile number
    • Fax number
    • Other telephone number
    • P.O.Box
    • E-mail address
    Market Fee In this section:
    • Add the RERA contract number of the premises where the license operates (Business activity location) in AED.
    • Click Get rent amount from RERA.
    If you are have not registered your contract in RERA, then you will not be able to renew your license.
    Accommodation Fee This section shows the accommodation fee of owners/partners registered and added on the license.
    Attach Documents Through this section, you upload the required documents that are pre-requisite for your request completion. The required documents differ according to the business activity.
    Click Apply for Renewal.
    • The Apply for Renewal button appears after uploading all the required documents
    • To cancel the renewal process, click Cancel.
    DED reviews the submitted application and checks the attached documents. If external approvals are required, the application is sent to the concerned parties. After acquiring the approval, DED then issues the payment letter.

    When you need to renew the license For company license renewal of your company, you can you can always depend on to get it sorted. This process takes an awful amount of time if you don’t know where to begin might take a huge amount of your valuable time, which can be utilized to generate more business. But with , you don’t have to worry about the renewals. We will send you timely reminders when the renewal of your license is due. We ensure you the most cost-effective service. We handle the details for you, so you’re free to concentrate on the bigger picture – your business.

    Documents Required:
    • Form for Registration and Licensing Application stating the phone number, the fax, the P.O. Box, and the e- mail.
    • Photocopy of the License
    • A letter from the Ministry of Economy for the renewal for branches of the foreign countries and offices of commercial registration registered only with the Ministry.
    • Photocopy of warehouse/shop/office lease contract.
    • No-objection letter issued by the Department of Lands and Properties of the sub-lease in case of leasing a land that is leased by the said Department or practicing business on a land granted by the government.
    • Approval of renewal issued by other government authorities according to the type of activity.

    Required documents for Branch of a Company:
    • Registration & Licensing Application Form.
    • Original License or a photocopy of it, in case the License is ended.
    • Original Certificate of Registration in the Commercial Register (if the head office of the company is registered in Dubai).
    • No-objection letter for cancellation, issued by the Ministry of Labor & Social Affairs.
    • All companies operating in the Free Zone must hold a valid license at all times.
  • Visa

    The type of visa needed to enter Dubai or other emirates within the UAE depends on several factors such as your nationality, the purpose of your planned visit and its duration. GCC nationals are granted entry upon arrival to the UAE with passports or national IDs barring Qatar (until further notice). Non-GCC passport holders travelling with GCC nationals should check visa requirements for their respective countries.
    • Visas on arrival

    There are countries which have the privilege to obtain a Visa on arrival:

    Flag Countries Number of days Remarks
    Andorra 30 10 days grace period
    Argentina 90 Non-Renewable, multiple entry
    Australia 30 10 days grace period
    Austria 90 Non-Renewable, multiple entry
    Belgium 90 Non-Renewable, multiple entry
    Brunei 30 10 days grace period
    Bulgaria 90 Non-Renewable, multiple entry
    Canada 30 10 days grace period
    Croatia 90 Non-Renewable, multiple entry
    Cyprus 90 Non-Renewable, multiple entry
    Czech Republic 90 Non-Renewable, multiple entry
    Denmark 90 Non-Renewable, multiple entry
    Estonia 90 Non-Renewable, multiple entry
    Finland 90 Non-Renewable, multiple entry
    France 90 Non-Renewable, multiple entry
    Germany 90 Non-Renewable, multiple entry
    Greece 90 Non-Renewable, multiple entry
    Hong Kong 30 10 days grace period
    Hungary 90 Non-Renewable, multiple entry
    Iceland 90 Non-Renewable, multiple entry
    India 14 USA Visa/green card
    Ireland 30 10 days grace period
    Italy 90 Non-Renewable, multiple entry
    Japan 30 10 days grace period
    Latvia 90 Non-Renewable, multiple entry
    Liechtenstein 90 Non-Renewable, multiple entry
    Lithuania 90 Non-Renewable, multiple entry
    Luxembourg 90 Non-Renewable, multiple entry
    Malaysia 30 10 days grace period
    Malta 90 Non-Renewable, multiple entry
    Mauritius 30 10 days grace period
    Monaco 30 10 days grace period
    Netherlands 90 Non-Renewable, multiple entry
    New Zealand 30 10 days grace period
    Norway 90 Non-Renewable, multiple entry
    People’s Republic Of China 30 10 days grace period
    Poland 90 Non-Renewable, multiple entry
    Portugal 90 Non-Renewable, multiple entry
    Romania 90 Non-Renewable, multiple entry
    Russia 30 10 days grace period
    San Marino 30 10 days grace period
    Seychelles 90 Non-Renewable, multiple entry
    Singapore 30 10 days grace period
    Slovakia 90 Non-Renewable, multiple entry
    Slovenia 90 Non-Renewable, multiple entry
    South Korea 30 10 days grace period
    Spain 90 Non-Renewable, multiple entry
    Sweden 90 Non-Renewable, multiple entry
    Switzerland 90 Non-Renewable, multiple entry
    United Kingdom 30 10 days grace period
    United States of America 30 10 days grace period
    Vatican City 30 10 days grace period

    Rest all theRest of the country countries need need to get a prior approval for obtaining a visit visa to enter in U.A.E
    Other Visa Types:
    • Service Visa
    Duration: 14 days from the date of entry
    Validity: 14 days from the date of issue

    This type of permit is valid for 14 days from the date of issue and allows visitors to stay in the country for a period of 14 days, not including arrival and departure days. Hotels and tourist companies or other organizations may apply on the individual’s behalf for this type of visa; a security deposit is required per person and this is refunded upon exiting the country. An entry service permit may be issued to delegations from companies or establishments required to carry out commercial activity within the UAE on an urgent basis. It applies to the following individuals and their family members: account auditors, company manager’s representatives and sales managers. This type of entry permit is usually only issued on an urgent basis for a fee and is non-renewable. Required documents include a copy of the applicant’s passport and flight arrival and departure dates. Passports should be valid for at least six months to be eligible for application of an entry service permit. Visa costs are non-refundable even in the event of a cancellation, rejection of visa or expiration of issued visa.

    • Tourist Visa
    Duration: long-term visa for 60 days/30 days from the date of entry, depending upon the visa type
    Validity: 60 days from the date of issue
    Essentials: Sponsorship from a hotel or tour operator and pre-arrangement

    This is a special category of visit visa that requires the sponsorship of the tour agency or hotel that is bringing in tourists. It is non-renewable and allows the tourist to stay in the country for 30 days.

    • Visit Visa
    Duration: 90 days/30 days from the date of entry, depending upon the visa type
    Validity: 60 days from the date of issue
    Essentials: Sponsorship from a UAE resident, company or hotel

    Visit visas are issued to those who intend on staying within the country for more than 14 days, either as tourists, to visit friends and family or for long-term business visits. Visit visas require an eligible sponsor which can be either a hotel or company with a valid license to operate within the UAE or a UAE resident with a valid visa. The visit visa is valid for two months from the date of issue and allows visitors to stay in the country for a period of 60 days and can be extended for up to 90 days for an additional fee. Required documents include a copy of the applicant’s passport and flight arrival and departure dates and may also include sponsor’s passport and visa details. Passports should be valid for at least six months to be eligible for application of a visit visa

    • Transit Visa
    Duration: 96 hours
    Validity: 14 days from the date of issue
    This type of visa can only be provided by airlines

    • Multiple-entry Visa
    These visas are issued mainly to business travelers who have a relationship with reputable local businesses and are frequent travelers to the country. Entry is required within 60 days from issuance of the visa and the visa is valid for 30 days without any extension. Visitors enter the country on a visit visa and obtain a multiple-entry visa (which will be stamped in their passport) once they are in the country.

    • Student Visa
    Those wishing to pursue education in the U.A.E. can apply for a student visa through an approved sponsor which can be an educational institution or a university licensed under the Ministry of Higher Education.

    • Medical Visa
    Public or private sector medical establishments can apply for special visas for those seeking medical treatment in the UAE. These establishments must be approved by the Ministry of Health. Medical treatment visas are valid for 60 days from the date of arrival into the country and can be renewed twice for a further sixty days.

    All documents required for visa issuance should be scanned in original, clear copies and in color to avoid any risks of rejection by Dubai Immigration.

    Documents Required for a Visa:
    • Colored passport copies
    • Visa fee
    • Valid sponsors
    • Hotels and tourist companies can apply on your behalf for a Service Visa (14 days), Tourist Visa (30 days) or a Visit Visa (90 days)
    • Other organizations based in the UAE may only apply for Visit Visas and Service Visas
    • Individuals (relatives or friends) who are UAE residents may, subject to guidelines, also apply on your behalf for a Visit Visa.

    Expatriate GCC residents:
    • GCC residents (not GCC Nationality) should apply online for UAE entry permit
    • Foreign residents of GCC countries who fail to apply for an e-visa before travel to the UAE risk being turned away at the border. Visas on arrival are no longer available for these travelers
    • GCC Residents who are not GCC nationals, having a high professional status such as Managers, Business people, Auditors, Accountants, Doctors, Engineers, Teachers, Pharmacists, Sales Executives, Sales Representatives, Commercial Promoters and employees working in the public sector, their families, drivers and personal staff sponsored by them, are eligible for GCC Residents Entry Permit. This visa is renewable for further 30 days
    • GCC Resident's Entry Permit is valid for 60 days before entry from the date of issue, and stay period after entry is 30 days from date of entry and it is extendable for additional 30 days
    • GCC Accompanied House Servants Entry Permit is valid for 60 days before entry from issuance date, and stay period after entry is 60 days from entry date, and its extendable once for 60 days each time
    • GCC Residency must be valid at least 3 months from arrival date. Passport must be valid at least 6 months from arrival date
    • Administration staff like Secretary, Executive Secretary, Clerks are not eligible

    Please note: Qatari nationals and residents are not eligible for visa on arrival in U.A.E till further notice.

    Any ex pat who likes to live, study or work in UAE, requires resident visa. If you are working, your employer usually sponsors your residence visaFor employees, employers would sponsor the residence visa. If you are studying here, your University or College would be your sponsor.. For students, the institute would issue the student visa. If you are not working, but are part of a family (Spouse, Child), the main income earner, sponsors your residence visa. For dependents, the main income earner can be the sponsor for the residence visa, under certain criteria to be met with immigration.

    All visa processes are converted to web portals and visa application can be done online. Visas take up to 10 minutes to be issued through an Authorized Typing center, who will collect all the required documents, scan the documents, type the necessary online forms and submit to the immigration.

    You no longer have to visit the Immigration Department to apply for the visa. Everything has been converted into an online process wherein you will have to visit an Authorized Typing center, who will collect all the required documents, scan the documents, type the necessary online forms and submit to the immigration.

    After verifying these documents, the immigration provides online approval. If you wish that your visas to be processed the normal way, Zajil services (Government appointed courier services) will contact you to collect the passport, stamp the visa and return the passport. If you wished to have it done by yourself, you will need to visit the immigration and get it stamped yourself (in case of urgency).

    You need to visit the Immigration Department only after the approval of your online application. You will receive SMS in case of approval, modification or rejection. White colour Visa will be mailed to applicant’s e-mail address after approval. If you need pink colour visa, you can visit any Immigration Dubai branch after receiving approval SMS. No extra fee. For stamping you will need to visit the Immigration or use Zajil services

    Insurance is mandatory for all types of visa. In most cases, your company applies for the insurance. For your dependents, if your company does not provide insurance, you are responsible to provide this out of your cost. The insurance is required before you are issued any type of visa. Investor visas can be issued only to individuals with business set ups within the UAE

    If you are looking for a reliable PRO to handle your immediate requirement, we are the ones for you. We offer you an alternative to standing in long queues with no results.

    Residency within the UAE for expatriates can be obtained through three main options; Business / Investor, Family- Sponsored, Employment. helps you with applications for every type of visa you intend. We assist residents with services relating to various government bodies in the UAE; RTA, Emirates Identity Authority, and General Directorate of Residency & Foreign Affairs.

    • Employment Visa-UAE

    Steps to follow
    • Quota: Type e-quota application from Tas'heel Centre.
    • Documents required for e-quota: Copy of Trade License, Labour Establishment Card, Tenancy Contract (Ejari)
    • Project Agreements to be scanned for Contracting Companies
    • Number of required workers, Gender and profession to be mentioned
    • Original e-signature card of the authorized signatory is must to complete employment visa process.
    • Type Offer Letter from Tas'heel Centre and get signature and Thump Impression from the Proposed Employee. If the employee is out of UAE, mail the letter and get scanned copy of signature page
    • Documents Required for Offer Letter:
    • Passport copy of employee
    • Photo
    • Profession
    • Salary Details
    • Original Signature Card of the Authorized Signatory
    • Trade License
    • Labour Establishment Card Copy
    • Type Work Permit application: Offer Letter with Company Seal/Sign and Employee's Sign plus All documents mentioned in the above section.
    • Education Certificate required for certain professions. Work Permit Approval will come after two days
    • Pay Bank Guarantee

    If you have an excess bank guarantee with Ministry of Labour, then no need to pay bank guarantee for the new application. Bank guarantee is refundable after employee's visa cancellation.

    • Pay Labour Card Fee as per the company category
    • Pay Immigration Fee through e-DNRD online and get e-Visa within few hours

    Payment should be made through E-Dirham Card at Tas’heel Centre. You can Buy E-Dirham Card from any branch of National Bank of Abu Dhabi or from Aafaq Islamic Finance Company found at Thas'heel branches.

    Minimum Age requirement for applying employment visa: 18, and Maximum: 65.

    Application status can be tracked through www.mohre.gov.ae by entering MB number which is printed on the application. If the applicant is inside the country on canceled visa, type Visa Position Amendment application at Typing Center. Seal and sign by the new sponsor and submit at Immigration. You will get a Status Change proof print. After Status Change only, you can go for Medical Test. There is a 60 days’ time gap from the date of Entry to complete Medical, Emirates ID and visa stamping.
    Tourist visa holder also can change visa inside country without exit.
    Sharjah: Employment visa will not be issued in Sharjah if the applicant is on Tourist Visa.

    Steps to follow (after entry/status change):
    • Type Medical and Emirates ID application and first go for Medical Test and then for Emirates ID fingerprint (if required). After receiving Medical Certificate, type Labour Contract from Tas'heel Centre
    • Get seal and signature of the sponsor and employee on the Labour Contract and submit through Tas'heel Center
    • Submit visa Stamping form through typing center. You should have your company User ID and Password for visa transactions.
    • After online submission, Courier service will collect the passport and attachments from Typing Center or your office. You should wait for online approval. After visa stamping they will deliver passport to your office after two days.

    • If you choose urgent visa stamping, pay extra through online at the time of submission and take the passport to Immigration branch to stamp the visa same time. You should wait for online approval before going to Immigration.
    • Labour Card and Labour Contract within 24 Hours, pay extra at the time of contract submission, you can collect your Labour Contract from the same Tas'heel Center within 24 hours. Or you can print your e-Contract and e-Labour card from www.mohre.gov.ae.

    Work permit extension:
    Work Permit is renewable every 10 days upon payment of Dh500 fee each time for a maximum of six times calculated from the date of expiry of its initial or renewed term. Service available at Tas'heel Center.

    • New Residence Visa stamping of a Company Employee

    Required Documents:
    • Original passport of the sponsored employee
    • One photograph (white background) of the sponsored employee
    • Original medical certificate
    • Copy of Emirates ID application
    • Copy of valid commercial license
    • Copy of valid Immigration establishment card
    • Labour Contract submission receipt from Tas'heel Center

    Steps to follow (after entry)
    • Type Medical and Emirates ID application, first go for Medical Test and then for Emirates ID fingerprint
    • After receiving Medical Certificate type Labour Contract from Tas'heel Centre.
    • Get company seal, signature of sponsor and employee on the contract and submit at Tas'heel Centre

    Online Visa Submission:
    You should submit Visa Stamping application through eDNRDwebsite. Can be done through typing center.
    Electronic Labour Card and Labour Contract can be printed from www.mol.gov.ae. after 48 hours from the time of submission at Tas'heel Center.
    Application for e-Labour card and Contract should be submitted through Tas’heel Service Centers within 60 days from the workers' entry in the UAE.
    • Documents required for entry visa:
    • Passport copy (Colour)
    • One Photograph (white background) for Entry Visa application
    • Copy of Memorandum of Association (for LLC)
    • Trade License Copy
    • Partners List (for LLC)
    • Copy of Service Agent Contract (for Professional License)
    • Copy of Partnership Contract, if any (for Professional License)
    • Original Emirates ID of other partner / PRO (if you are applying through Vision form)
    • Immigration Establishment card copy
    • Last six month's Bank Statement (if the company is old)
    • Documents for medical
    • Typed Application
    • Passport copy, Visa Copy and Two Photographs (white background)
    • Documents for visa stamping
    • One Photograph with white background
    • Emirates ID Form
    • Original Visa
    • Original Medical Certificate
    • Original Passport
    • Immigration Establishment Card, LLC Agreement, License & Partners List copy.

    Mission visa

    Mission visa is a type of visa that enables individual to work for a company for up to 3 months continuously in UAE. To obtain Mission Visa, a company should have no violations at the Ministry of Labour. The employee should not have any kind of Labor ban or immigration ban.

    Documents required:
    • Copy of Passport and passport should be current and have a validity of at least 6 months
    • 6 Passport Size photograph with white background
    • Copy of qualification certificate attested in the country of origin and stamped at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE
    • Completed personal details form

    Basic Requirements:
    • The employee must be outside the country at the time of the visa application and must not hold a 6 months labour labor ban
    • This is a single-entry visa and employee cannot exit country and reenter on the visa
    • This visa is valid for 90 days and extendable for an additional 90 days
    • The E-Visa is valid only for 14 days. Employee must enter UAE before the expiry
    • Medical examinations are mandatory for all employees entering the UAE on valid mission visa

    Entry (Residence) Permit for Family of Expatriate
    Family visa procedure is easier than before. If you have all required documents ready, work can be done through an authorized Typing Center. No need to visit Immigration office. All charges, including Deposits, Courier and file opening fees will be processed through typing center. Refund can be processed only to the sponsor’s Bank Account. Hence an IBAN(IBAN (International Bank Account Number) of the Sponsor is required.

    Documents required in original for scanning at the typing center:
    • Passport Copies (colour) of Wife and children
    • One photograph (white background) of each sponsored person
    • Sponsor's original passport and Emirates ID
    • Original Marriage Certificate attested from U.A.E. Embassy in Home Country and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (M.O.F.A) in U.A.E.
    • Original Birth Certificate (for child) attested from UAE Embassy in Home Country and M.O.F.A in U.A.E.
    • Original EJARI Certificate & Electricity Bill
    • If you live out of Dubai, Municipality attested Tenancy Contract and Electricity Bill
    • Tenancy/Ejari should be in the name of the applicant or spouse
    • Original Labour Contract
    • Labour Contract can be printed from MOHRE website or Tas’heel Centre
    • Passport copy is enough for printing Labour Contract
    • Original Salary Certificate
    • Last three months bank statement
    • IBAN (International Bank Account Number) of the Sponsor
    • Confirmation letter in Arabic for daughter older than 18, stating that she is still not married. Parent (sponsor) has to be signed on the letter

    Visa holder should enter UAE within 60 days from the date of issue and should complete Emirates ID, Medical and Visa Stamping within 60 days from the date of entry/status change. If the visa holder couldn't enter UAE within 60 days from the date of visa issue, visa can be renewed against payment of Dh360+typing charge. This renewal is allowed two times.

    Below mentioned documents are required in original for scanning at the typing center:
    • Original entry permit (visa) of each sponsored person
    • Original passport of each sponsored person
    • Original Medical Certificate (for those who are above 18 years old)
    • Emirates ID application
    • Sponsor's original Emirates ID
    • Medical Insurance Card/Certificate of the sponsored
    • IBAN (International Bank Account Number) of the Sponsor (applicant)

    Steps to follow:
    • Emirates ID application to be attached with Visa stamping form. Type Medical & ID application and go for Medical first, then do fingerprint at EIDA Centre near Medical Clinic
    • After receiving Medical Report, submit visa stamping application through Typing Center
    • After submission of online application, you will receive Approved message & Airway Bill Number through SMS within 48 hours

    Inside country:
    If the family is inside country on canceled visa or Visit or Tourist Visa, they can still apply for dependence visa. After getting the visa issued,
    • Get the Status Change form from Typing Centre.
    • After typing, take the receipt, original passport and visa to any Immigration branch and collect status change proof
    • After Status Change, type Emirates ID, Medical and Visa Stamping forms

    If the sponsor is investor/partner, additional documents are required:
    • Pay Deposit for each family member. This amount is refundable after cancellation of the visa
    • Trade License copy & partners List
    • LLC Agreement
    • Bank Statement for the last three months

    If the sponsor is Mother she can sponsor her children on Residence Visa if she meets the following conditions:
    • Mother shall have a valid Employment visa
    • Marriage Certificate attested by U.A.E. Embassy in home country andM.O.F.A. inside the U.A.E.
    • Birth Certificate of child attested by U.A.E. Embassy in home country and M.O.F.A. inside the U.A.E.
    • NOC in Arabic from husband to sponsor the child by mother. If the husband is out of U.A.E., NOC has to be attested by UAE Embassy abroad and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs inside the UAE. If the NOC is typed in other than Arabic, it should be legally translated into Arabic
    • Tenancy Contract (accommodation rental agreement). It has to be attested throughEjari online system of Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA).
    • Husband should not be eligible by salary to sponsor the child
    • Husband's Labour Contract to be attached with application if he is inside U.A.E.
    • University degree must be attested from U.A.E. Embassy abroad and M.O.F.A. in UAE, if the applicant's profession is other than Nurse, Doctor, Engineer or Teacher
    • Teachers and Nurses who want to sponsor their children will be exempted from the salary condition
    • Bank statement of last three months if the applicant's profession is other than Nurse, Doctor, Engineer or Teacher
    • Mother can sponsor her unmarried daughters and under 18 years old sons, excluding university or college students provided that a certificate proving the same shall be submitted
    • In case of divorced, the children custody verdict of a court should be submitted. It should be attested by U.A.E. Embassy from the Courts origin of verdict and M.O.F.A. in U.A.E.

    In case of Single Mother, you can submit custody Verdict of Court or Certificate from Local Authority or Affidavit from your Consulate. If the certificate issued from your home country it should be attested by U.A.E. Embassy in home country and M.O.F.A. in UAE.
    All charges, including Deposits, Courier and file opening fees will be processed through typing centre. Refund can be processed only to the sponsor’s Bank Account. IBAN (International Bank Account Number) of the Sponsor (applicant) is required.

    Documents Required:
    • All above mentioned documents in original
    • Colour passport copy and one photo of child
    • Sponsor's original passport and Emirates ID
    • IBAN (International Bank Account Number) of the Sponsor (applicant)

    If the sponsor is investor/partner, the following additional documents are required:
    • Pay Deposit for each child. This amount is refundable after cancellation of the visa
    • Trade License copy & partners List
    • LLC Agreement

    Nurses, Doctors, Engineers and Teachers can sponsor their husband on Residence Visa if she meets the following conditions:
    • Wife must have a valid Employment visa
    • Original Marriage Certificate attested by U.A.E. Embassy in home country and M.O.F.A. in U.A.E.
    • Tenancy Contract and Electricity Bill. Contract should be registered through Ejari online system of Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA). If you live out of Dubai, Municipality attested Tenancy Contract and Electricity bill are required
    • Attested Educational Certificate
    • Bank statement of last three months
    • Colour passport copy of husband and one photograph with white background
    • Original Passport, Emirates ID, Bank Account Number (IBAN), Labour Contract/ Salary Certificate of Sponsor

    If the wife's profession is other than the above mentioned, she can try through Humanitarian Case Committee at the Al Aweer Immigration Office the Humanitarian Case Committee Immigration office in Al Aweer may consider the circumstances

    For visa stamping (after entry), the following documents are required:
    • Original Passport, Visa and Medical Certificate of Husband
    • Emirates ID application
    • Original Passport, Emirates ID, Bank Account Number (IBAN), Tenancy Contract (Ejari), Electricity Bill & Labour Contract/ Salary Certificate of Sponsor(wife)
    • One photograph with white background for Medical

    Steps to follow (For Visa Stamping After Entry):
    • Type Medical & ID application and go for Medical first, then do fingerprint at EIDA Center near Medical Clinic (Al Baraha, Sonapur, Al Quoz)
    • After receiving Medical Report, submit visa stamping application through Typing Center
    • After submission of online application, you will receive Approved message & Airway Bill Number through SMS within 48 hours
    • Collect visa stamped passport from the courier office after two days

    After receiving Approved message, take the passport and submission Receipt to the nearest Immigration Branch and get your visa stamped same time. Sponsoring New Born Baby (when child born and has not left the UAE)

    Documents required:
    • Copy of Passport –should be current and validity of atleast 6 months
    • 1 Passport Size photograph with white background
    • Original birth certificate that has been attested and notarized in country of origin and stamped at the M.O.F.A. in UAE
    • Completed personal details form.

    Father’s documents:
    • Passport copy with visa page
    • Copy of labor contract
    • Copy of the Ejari, Original Tenancy Contract
    • Copy of last month DEWA Bill

    Parents visa / Parent’s in Law
    A UAE expat resident can apply for the residence visa of their parents and parents in law. The eligibility to apply for UAE residence visa for parents, the sponsor or UAE resident expatriate must be holding valid UAE residence visa and have a minimum salary of AED 20,000. This visa is renewable every year. Both the parents/ in Laws need to be sponsored.You must make available the proof that you are the sole provider and that there is no one to take care of them in your home country. If one of your parents is diseased or is separated, then a valid and attested proof is necessary for the same. A medical insurance is a must

    Documents required:
    • Application form at a registered typing center
    • Original passport of sponsor
    • Passport copy of parents & 1 photo each
    • Proof of relationship is to be obtained from your embassy/consulate attesting both relationship and that you are sole provider for your parents
    • Copy of job contract for the sponsor or salary certificate from employer
    • A 2-bed room apartment along with the electricity and water bill
    • The tenancy contract has to be stamped at Land Department in Dubai and respective departments

    Procedure to obtain Entry Visa:
    • Submit the documents to General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs along with a letter appealing on humanitarian grounds for entry visa for your parents/ in laws.
    • The Approval Committee will respond within two weeks
    • Have a registered typist complete the form
    • Go to the residency section of DNRD and hand in the documents
    • Entry Permit will be sent by Empost. This is the pink colored sheet of paper with relevant details
    • Convert entry visa to residence visa. Once your parents enter the country with the entry visa, you must convert it to a residency visa, not late than 60 days from the date of entry

    Visa Stamping process post entry:
    • Application form & 3 photos of parent
    • Original passport of parents and sponsor
    • Original entry permit
    • Health card or medical insurance policy for parents
    • Refundable deposit receipt
    • Original job contract or salary certificate of the sponsor
    • Obtain a medical card
    • Get the typing done through a registered typing centre and submit the same to the DNRD
    • The passport/s with the residency visa stamp will be sent to you through Empost

    House Maid Visa:
    If your salary is AED 8000 and above, you are eligible to employ a house maid. Also note that you must be married to sponsor a house maid, be living with your family and you must not be related to the person you intend to hire as a house maid.

    Documents required from the house maid:
    • Copy of Passport should be current and validity of at least 6 months
    • Passport Size photograph with white background
    • Completed personal details form
    • Original Emirates ID Card
    • Copy of deposit receipt.

    Documents from sponsor:
    • Passport copy with visa page
    • Copy of Labour contract
    • Copy of the Ejari, Original Tenancy Contract
    • Copy of last month DEWA Bill

    Other Requirements:
    • Minimum salary required is AED 8000/- in order to sponsor a maid and sponsor should be married
    • Please ensure that the passport is valid for 3 months and one empty page on the passport for the visa to be stamped
    • The tenancy contract should be at least 2 bedrooms and clearly stated on the contract of Ejari
    • All maids should go under pregnancy test as part of their medical examination
    • Minimum Wage requirement should be fulfilled as per the origin country’s rules and regulations
    • If the house maid is from the same country as that of the Sponsor, a No Relation Certificate must be obtained from the Sponsor’s Embassy / Consulate
    • Minimum age of the maid should be 30 years and Maximum age should be 58 years
  • Visa Renewal

    When you need to renew the Visa of our employees, you can always depend on to get it sorted out. This process takes an awful amount of time if you don’t know where to begin. But with , you don’t have to worry about the Renewal of Visa. We will help you make visa applications for both you and your dependents, ensuring you meet the entry criteria and have all the required paperwork in place.

    Required Documents:
    • Prepaid e-form application prepared from Typing Center
    • Original passport of the sponsored employee
    • One photograph (white background) of the employee
    • Original Medical certificate
    • Copy of labor card renewal receipt from Tas’heel Center
    • Copy of Emirates ID renewal form
    • Copy of the valid commercial license
    • Copy of valid Immigration establishment card

    All fees for Residence permits shall be paid at the Typing Center, while all fines (if any) shall be paid in cash to the bank at Immigration.Type Visa Stamping application and get seal and signature of the sponsor. Attach copy of Trade License, Immigration Establishment Card, Labour Card renewal receipt and copy of Emirates ID renewal form and submit at Immigration Department along with Original Passport. Visa stamped passport will be delivered same time. If your company has five or more staff, you should submit visa applications through eDNRD website.Emirates ID card will not be issued to workers who do not have Labour Card from the ministry.

    Labour Card can be renewed till the age of 65. After that, normal fees + Dh5000 extra to be paid at the time of renewal. Labour Card validity will be for two years for each renewal. This renewal is unlimited till the company needs such employee's service.

    Renewal – wife’s visa

    Documents required from wife:
    • Original Passport should be current and valid for at least 6 months
    • Original marriage certificate
    • 6 Passport Size photograph with white background
    • Completed personal details form

    Husband’s documents:
    • Passport copy with visa page, and validity of atleast 6 months
    • Copy of Labour Contract
    • Copy of the Ejari
    • Original Tenancy Contract
    • Copy of last month DEWA Bill

    Child visa renewal –under 18 years

    Documents required:
    • Copy of Passport, should be current and validity of at least 6 months
    • 6 Passport Size photograph with white background
    • Original Emirates ID
    • Completed personal details form

    Father’s documents:
    • Passport copy with visa page
    • Copy of Labour Contract
    • Copy of the Ejari, Original Tenancy Contract
    • Copy of last month DEWA Bill
    • Original EID or Passport
  • Visa Cancellation

    Expiry of Residence Visa is when your residence visa becomes invalid. There is a difference between expiry of residence visa and 'cancellation' of residence visa. Residence visas usually become invalid on expiry (after the expiry date stamped in the visa). On the other hand, cancellation of residence visa is an active process, which will have to be done, even if the visa has expired. Therefore, these two terms should not be confused.Cancellation of Residence visas are usually taken care of by the company or sponsor. If not, visit the UAE Immigration Department, which issued the visa, along with your passport, and present it for cancellation. Pay the requisite fee and get the typing works done. If you are overseas, the cancellation shall still be done, but, the sponsor will have to visit the department, on your behalf, with at least a copy of your passport.
    If you have resigned from your work, terminated or found a new job, your existing labour contract and residence visa must be cancelled. The steps and documents required are very easy.

    Documents Required:
    • Original Emirates ID Card
    • Signature of employee on cancellation form Sponsor's Passport copy
    • Original Passport of the sponsored worker
    • Application for cancellation prepared by typing agents, with the form duly signed by the sponsor and having the company's seal
    • Copy of establishment card
    • Copy of commercial license
    • Air-ticket fare (if the worker is exiting the country) or an entry permit to modify his status

    If you have a dependent visa under you (family or domestic help), the family or domestic visas need to be canceled first only then can the primary visa be canceled. If you already have approval from another sponsor and do not wish to cancel your family visas you may transfer all dependents over to your new visa by keeping a deposit of AED 5000 per dependent. This is kept by Immigration Department and refunded when the visa has been reinstated.

    If the person has been outside the country for more than 6 months, the visa can be still canceled by providing a copy of the Passport and Visa. Your Company PRO can apply for an approval from DNRD (Dubai Naturalization and Residency Department). Valid documentary evidence will have to be provided such as medical certificate/hospital admission records, or specific documents required by DNRD.

    Exception to the rule:
    There are only some specific exceptions to this rule, such as those mentioned below:
    • Foreign wife of a UAE national, if she is on his sponsorship
    • Domestic helpers accompanying a national, who is studying abroad, or undergoing medical treatment abroad
    • Expatriates traveling abroad for medical treatment, provided, they are sent by the UAE government department, or work for a government department. In any case, a medical report with approval from the UAE Health Ministry or Medical Services of the UAE Armed Forces, or UAE Police is required
    • Employees of diplomatic and consular missions in the UAE, and domestic helpers accompanying them
    • Expatriates employed in the UAE Public Sector, based outside the UAE, as part of their job, or are being sent overseas for training purposes. Expatriate students based in UAE, but studying overseas as part of their course

    Whatever, the case may be, the best way out, is to contact the relevant UAE Immigration Authority, prior to entering the UAE, so as to avoid any issues when re-entering the country.

    Post the cancellation you do have a 30 days grace period to get the new U.A.E. residence visa process initiated.
  • Visa Transfer

    This process is usually accomplished by the Public Relations Officer (P.R.O.) at your previous and future employees.Be aware of any competitive clauses in the employment contract you have signed, to see if there are any limitations to taking up new employment. Competitive clauses may include the inability to work for a competitor to your current employer, for up to 2 years.To transfer a visa, the new employer needs to gain permission from the previous employer, after gaining approval from the Ministry of Labour. Residence visas are usually issued for a period of 2-3 years. The UAE's free zone visas can usually be transferred from one employer to the next. However, the previous employer needs to agree to the transfer and may need to provide a no objection certificate (N.O.C.). The NOC may need to be provided in Arabic, on the company letter head, signed and stamped by the local sponsor.

    If you have a non-free zone visa, it will need to be canceled before a new visa can be applied for. If a non-free zone visa is canceled, the new employer may have to pay a fine for the duration of the remainder of the visa, if the employee has not completed a specified period of work. For expat holding a Masters or PhD, can transfer sponsorship unlimited number of times. Expat holding 2 years of Bachelors’ degree or an equivalent qualification, are allowed to transfer twice during their existing visa tenure. Other categories of employee with lower qualifications are allowed to transfer once during their tenure employment in the U.A.E. and must have been working for at least three years for a current employer.

    The BAN clause can be exempted under certain conditions, including approval from current sponsor, minimum qualification of a high school certificate, approval from the Minister of the Undersecretary and payment of certain fees. Under certain rules, labor categories are exempted, provided employers pay a fee for that visa. These rules include a company announcing bankruptcy or if the Ministry of Labour cancels a company's license.

    Documents required for Visa transfer:
    • Passport Copy
    • One photograph with white background
    • Labor Card Copy
    • Attested Educational Certificate Copy (according to profession)
    • Labour Establishment Card Copy
    • Trade License Copy of old company & New Company

    Procedure for visa transfer:
    • Type Visa Transfer Application
    • Attach above mentioned documents, get seal and signature of the new company and submit the application at Ministry of Labour
    • Application must be submitted by new company's sponsor or PRO
    • Wait for the approval by Ministry of Labour
    • After approval bank guarantee to be paid, if required
    • Apply for Medical Fitness Certificate
    • Get seal and signature of the old sponsor on the approval paper as a consent for canceling old labor Card
    • Signature of employee on the same paper stating that he has received all dues and entitlements from the old sponsor
    • Signed paper to be scanned at the time of Visa Transfer Fee payment
    • After Transfer Fee payment application for new Labour Card and Labour Contract to be typed
    • Get seal and signature of the new sponsor and employee on the new Labour Contract and submit through Tas'heel Program which is available in Typing Center
    • Attach Tas'heel receipt with Labour Contract and submit at the Ministry of Labour along with Original Passport and old Labour Card
    • A Certificate of Visa Transfer and a new Labour Card Receipt will be issued from Ministry of Labour
    • Get seal and signature of both old and new sponsors on the visa stamping application.
    • Original Passport, Original Visa Transfer Certificate and copy of new Labour Card Receipt to be submitted at the Immigration Department along with Visa stamping application

    If you are changing visa betweenEmirates mainland company, you can follow below mentioned steps:
    • Cancel your dependents visa first from Immigration. They can stay here 29 days after cancellation without fine if the present visa is not expired at the time of cancellation
    • Your present company can cancel your own visa and let your new company apply work permit for you. You can stay here 29 days after cancellation without fine if the present visa is not expired at the time of cancellation
    • After completion of all payments of Ministry of Labour, pay inside the country fee for Immigration to get visa inside the country
    • Type Status Change form from Typing Center
    • Do medical test, type labor contract from Tas'heel Center and submit the Contract at Tas'heel Center after signing by the employee and employer
    • Type Emirates ID from Typing Center
    • Submit online visa Stamping form through typing center. You should have your company User ID and Password for eDNRD visa transactions.
    • Now you can apply for family/dependents visa and change their status inside the country without exit

    If you are changing visa from a Free Zone to any of the Emirates mainland company:
    • The new company will apply work permit for you
    • After the approval from Ministry of Labour, submit the work permit and appointment letter to Immigration Department and deposit Dh5020 to hold your dependents visa
    • Immigration Department will issue a receipt for the deposited amount and now you can cancel your own visa without canceling family's visa
    • After your old visa cancellation, new company can process your new Employment visa

    Period of Visa holding is 30 days. If the allowed period exceeded, the applicant cannot change status inside the country and he/she must exit and enter on new visa. Post obtaining the Visa, you have to change Visa Status, apply for Medical, Emirates ID, labor contract and Visa Stamping. You should show your new labor contract and new visa stamped passport at Immigration Department to get the refund.

    Changing to investor/partner visa:
    If you are changing to Investor/Partner Visa, type the application, get seal and signature of sponsor, submit the application at the immigration. Investor/Partner Visa holder needs to show his/her new visa stamped passport only to refund the money.Family visa needs to renew only at the time of its expiry, no need transfer.Family visa holding is not allowed if the applicant is shifting to different emirate.

    Refund procedures:
    Take original deposit receipt, your passport and new labour labor contract to Refund Counter at Immigration Head Office. Get no objection for refund seal from the counter and go to Dubai Commercial Bank (next to Immigration building) and collect the cash. Bank will charge a nominal fee as commission.

    Transferring a residence visa – maid

    If your maid is transferring to a new job rather than returning to her home country, you are responsible for transferring the maid’s residence visa to the new sponsor. The maid’s visa may also be transferred from a UAE-resident family to a public-sector job, to a new family sponsor and residence, or from an employer’s family to another.

    Documents needed:
    • 2 Passport-sized photos of maid
    • New sponsor’s employment contract stating that their salary is over asd 10,000 (copy)
    • Current sponsor’s passport and Resident ID (original and copy)
    • New sponsor’s passport and Resident ID (original and copy)
    • Maid’s passport, Resident ID and labor card
    • Maid’s medical certificate (original and copy)
    • Maid’s former employment contract

    • Complete residence visa transfer form at any typing center; both the new and old sponsor must be present
    • Submit all documents to GDRFA’s Residency section along with maid’s passport and labor card
    • New sponsor must pay a fee, to issue a new residence visa with sponsorship, plus a security deposit
    • Once maid’s sponsorship is canceled/transferred, the refundable cash deposit is returned to the former sponsor.
  • Legal Attestation

    The act of attending the execution of a document and bearing witness to its authenticity, by signing one's name to it to affirm that it is genuine. The certification by a custodian of records that a copy of an original document is a true copy that is demonstrated by his or her signature on a certificate.

    An attestation clause is frequently found in legal documents that must be witnessed if they are to be valid, for example, a will or a deed. It states that the instrument has been completed in the manner required by law in the presence of the witness who places his or her signature in the designated space.To get a visa for U.A.E. or to get through other legalities, certificate attestation is quite necessary.

    LegalisationLegalization (Or Attestation as it is commonly known) is the process of authenticating a document to the required level so that another country will be happy to accept that it is genuine.

    In order for the UAE Embassy in your home country, to attest any document, it needs to be stamped first by the home country government authority, also known as an Apostle Stamp. Attestation is one step in getting a document ready for overseas use.

    Attestation can only be done by the Embassy or Consulate responsible for the territory where the document was issued

    Attesting your own documents could take you a very long time. is able to attest a range of documents for use in the U.A.E. These include,not limited to:
    • Birth certificate
    • Educational Qualifications
    • Marriage Certificates
    • Divorce Certificates
    • Police Clearance Documents
    • Medical Documents
    • Company Documents

    Birth Certificate Attestation

    Birth certificate is an important document, which is required for official purposes at a lot of instances. For Visa and employment or other legal processes in U.A.E. birth certificate has to be attested. Birth certificate attestation in U.A.E. is necessary as it proves the authenticity of the document. The process of birth certificate attestation takes place at the embassy in the home country of the person and then it is attested by the ministry of foreign affairs in U.A.E. Birth certificate attestation is mandatory when one applies for his/her kid’s admission in U.A.E. This is required as a proof of age in schools. Birth certificate is also required for availing a residence visa. The procedure for getting birth certificate attested in UAE:
    • The birth certificate should be attested from Home Department / MEA / UAE Embassy and from the Foreign Affair department in U.A.E.
    • Verification from Notary Public from the home country.
    • Foreign Affairs attestation from the Home Country
    • U.A.E Embassy Attestation from the Home Country.
    • U.A.E. Ministry Of Foreign affairs Attestation in U.A.E.

    Documents required for birth certificate attestation:
    • Original Birth Certificate or Online Issued Birth Certificate

    Educational Certificate Attestation

    Educational Certificate attestation in U.A.E. is one of the important concerns for all new or existing ex pats in U.A.E. Certain Job Title requires the authenticity of the education as mentioned at the time, employment is offered. Education certificate attestation in U.A.E is required to be done first in the home country of the person and then by the UAE ministerial authorities. This process of Degree attestation in Dubai requires the educational certificate issued in the home country to be attested by the Department of higher education of the state and also by the UAE consulate/embassy in that country.

    Educational Certificate attestation is required for the following purposes:
    • Employment Visa
    • Labour Card Processing
    • Visa Designation Change
    • University or College admission
    • Passport Copy of the Certificate holder.

    Marriage Certificate Attestation

    Marriage Certificate Attestation is required to prove the authenticity of the marriage.It legally proves that you are married to someone and it is required when you wish to obtain a passport, visa or get your maiden name changed. For securing a UAE visa for your family, you would need to surface your marriage certificate, which would have to be attested by the consulate or embassy in the home country and thereafter from the ministry of UAE.

    The certificate needs to be attested by government bodies like Concerned State, Foreign affairs, Embassy, local bodies etc. A marriage certificate is an official proof for that the marriage has taken place. Attestation of the Marriage certificate is required by the government authorities to avoid fraudulent activities.

    Marriage certificate attestation is mandatory for the following purposes:
    • Passport application – Name Change
    • Visa application
    • For dependent visa application
    • Sponsor visa
    • To admit wife for delivery in the hospital
    • To apply for a passport for children
    • To live together with a member of the opposite sex

    Procedure for getting marriage certificate attestation:
    • Attestation from the country where the marriage was solemnized
    • Attestation from the foreign affairs ministry of your home country
    • Attestation from the U.A.E Embassy in your home country
    • Attestation from the U.A.E.-M.O.F.A. in U.A.E.

    Documents required for Marriage Certificate Attestation:
    • Original marriage certificate
    • Passport Copies of the Bride and the Groom
    • Copy of the Visa

    2 photographs of the concerned person

    Divorce Certificate Attestation

    Divorce Certificate Attestation is the act of proving the authenticity of a Divorce Decree with the official seal and signature. This attestation confirms that the specified Divorce certificate has been issued by that mentioned department and Seal and signature on that particular Divorce certificate is genuine.

    Police Clearance Certificate from UAE

    A Police Clearance Certificate from UAE is an official document issued by police enumerate any criminal records that the applicant may or may not have. Criminal records may include arrest, conviction, and possibly criminal proceedings.Getting the Fingerprints attested from the UAE Embassy It is mainly used for the following purposes:
    • To engage in business abroad
    • Obtaining entry visas for certain countries
    • Migration to other countries
    • Employer’s Request
    • Joining the University
    • Other similar purposes
    • Working as Tourist Guide

    Documents Required for Obtaining Police Clearance Certificate from U.A.E.:
    • Emirates ID Copy
    • Valid Passport Copy
    • UAE Entry and Exit Visa Page
    • 2 Recent Passport Size Photo
    • Purpose of Applying

    Medical Certificates attestation

    The Medical Certificate could be attested or legalized from any Embassy or Consulate of destination Country present in UAE after the Attestation from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).

    Procedure for Medical Certificates attestation:
    • The Medical Certificate needs to be attested from the Home Department
    • Attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)
    • It will be attested from the destination country’s Embassy or Consulate
    • Attested from U.A.E. Embassy or UAE Consulate

    Company Documents

    As with personal documentation, we are able to attest and legalize most types of business documents / certificates. The most common are:
    • Certificate of Incorporation
    • Good standing Certificate
    • MoA & AoA
    • Shareholders resolution

    The purpose to obtain legalization of the above are:
    • Opening a branch/Subsidiary/Representative office
    • Renewal of the existing trade license in U.A.E. for the above-mentioned offices
  • P.O.A

    This service allows the customers to obtain an attested representation of an Authorized Signature. The citizen and non-citizen customers of 21 calendar years old or older shall have the right to apply for this service. This service requires the service applicant to enjoy legal capacity and to appear in person to sign before the notary public or whoever represents them to appear under power of attorney or any other legal document. This service is provided by the Attestation Division, at Notary Public Department Branches.

    Documents Required for POA:
    • Original ID of all the parties (national ID from UAE or passports for Non-residents) and copies

    POA can be used for:
    Individuals Company
    • General POA
    • Police Clearance POA
    • Residency and Foreigners Affairs POA
    • POA for Company
    • General Manager POA
    • Local Partner POA
    • Company Formation POA

    General POA

    A general power of attorney authorizes another person to act in general, legal, financial and business matters on your behalf:
    • To buy, lease and manage real estate property
    • To set up companies, sole establishments and businesses
    • To sign contracts on your behalf
    • To represent you before banks (where acceptable to the relevant bank)
    • To represent you before all government departments, du, Etisalat, Water and Electricity Authority, etc.
    • To buy shares in companies on your behalf
    • To buy vehicles on your behalf
    • To represent you in legal matters and appoint lawyers on your behalf

    Police Clearance POA
    • Police Clearance POA authorizes another person:
    • To apply for and collect the police clearance certificate
    • To represent you before the police and relevant government departments
    • To sign any case documents on your behalf
    • To represent you before any other government departments

    Residency and Foreigners Affairs POA

    A power of attorney for residency and foreign affairs authorizes another person to represent you before the immigration department

    Residency and Foreigners Affairs POA authorizes another person:
    To represent you before the immigration department
    To sign any case documents on your behalf

    POA for Company

    A company POA is power of attorney given by company to any individual to act on behalf of the company and exercise any power chosen by the company.

    A company can choose to give any or all of the following powers:
    • To manage business affairs of the company on day-to-day basis
    • To represent the company before all government departments
    • To renew license, apply for work visas and carry out related matters
    • To open, close and manage new and existing bank accounts
    • To open branches and subsidiaries of the company
    • To hire and dismiss employees
    • To deal with all matters relating to the trademarks and intellectual property rights
    • To represent the company before the courts
    • To appoint lawyers to act on behalf of the company
    • To sign contracts and all other documents

    General Manager POA

    A general manager power of attorney authorizes the manager of a company to manage the day-to-day affairs of the company
    A company can choose to give any or all of the following powers:
    • To manage business affairs of the company on day-to-day basis
    • To represent the company before all government departments
    • To renew license, apply for work visas and carry out related matters
    • To open, close and manage new and existing bank accounts
    • To open branches and subsidiaries of the company
    • To hire and dismiss employees
    • To deal with all matters relating to the trademarks and intellectual property rights
    • To represent the company before the courts
    • To appoint lawyers to act on behalf of the company
    • To sign contracts and all other documents

    Local Partner POA

    A power of attorney by local partner (who is not actively involved in the business) authorizes the owner (actual investor) to manage the company with full powers

    POA by local partner authorizes the owner (actual investor):
    • To manage all business affairs of the company on day-to-day basis
    • To transfer the shares of local partner to another local partner
    • To represent the company before all government departments
    • To renew license, apply for work visas and carry out related matters
    • To open, close and manage new and existing bank accounts
    • To open branches and subsidiaries of the company
    • To hire and dismiss employees
    • To deal with all matters relating to the trademarks and intellectual property rights
    • To represent the company before the courts
    • To appoint lawyers to act on behalf of the company
    • To sign contracts and all other documents

    Company Formation POA

    A power of attorney for company formation authorizes another person to incorporate a company or branch of an existing company.
    Company Formation POA authorizes another person:
    • To incorporate a company or branch in the UAE
    • To sign all necessary shareholder resolutions on your behalf
    • To represent you before the relevant government departments and free zone authorities
    • To sign and submit all documents and complete all the company formation formalities
    • To open bank account of the company or branch
    • To receive the trade license of the company or branch

    Procedure for signing the POA:

    Inside UAE Outside UAE
    Prepare the draft for power of attorney in English and Arabic and sign before a notary public Stamping by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the relevant country
    Attestation by the UAE ministry of foreign affairs Translation into the relevant language if English language is not the official language of the country
    Certification by the Embassy/Consulate of the country in which you will eventually use the power of attorney Process for document and degree certificate attestation for UAE
    Process for document and degree certificate attestation for UAE

    UAE is not a signatory to “The Hague Convention”, Abolishing the Requirement for Legalization for Foreign Public Documents. Hence, document or degree certificate attestation is a legal requirement without which a document is not considered valid by the authorities in the UAE. The process for document attestation for the commencement in the country where the document has originated are:

    • Notarization in the country of origin
    Notarization is the first step in the process of ensuring that a document is legalized/authenticated for use in the UAE. Notary ensures the authenticity of the document/signatures therein. If a document is signed before a notary, the notary insists on witnessing the signature and any supporting documents to certify the identity of the signatory (i.e. passport). Where documents are signed on behalf of a company, the notary requires evidence proving that the individual providing the signature is appropriately authorized by the company.

    • Attestation in the country of origin
    A document is then attested to give it legal standing internationally. Document attestation is also sometimes referred to as legalization or an apostle. The attestation is only referred to as an apostle by signatories to The Hague Convention. The attestation is undertaken at the relevant ministry of foreign affairs of the state where the document originated. This ministry attests the document by cross-checking the details of the notary. Once the ministry is satisfied that the document has been correctly notarized, it is then attested accordingly.

    • Certification by the UAE Embassy or Consulate
    The attested document is then submitted to the UAE Embassy/Consulate in the country of origin for certification. The UAE Embassy/Consulate checks if the document has been correctly attested by the relevant ministry before stamping it with the UAE Consulate stamp. Once this is done, the document is brought to the UAE for completion of the final stage in the authentication process.

    • Certification by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
    Once the document is brought to the UAE, it is submitted to MOFA for certification. Once submitted, the document is checked by MOFA to ensure that it has been notarized, attested and certified up to its UAE Embassy in the country of origin. Once satisfied, MOFA will certify the document and give it legal effect in the UAE.

    • Arabic Translation (Optional)
    If the document is to be presented to any government authority outside the free zones in the UAE, it needs to be translated into Arabic by a certified legal translator licensed by the UAE Ministry of Justice. Once the translation is completed, the original document along with the official translation is submitted to the UAE Ministry of Justice for certification. Once certified, the document can be presented to any government authority in the UAE. If the document is required by a free zone authority, the Arabic translation and certification by the UAE Ministry of Justice is not typically required.
  • Corporate Bank Opening

    UAE is one of the leading international financial centers and one of the fastest growing cities in the world, this naturally makes it the hotspot for corporate banking.

    When setting up a business, it can feel like your to-do list is never-ending. There are so many tasks to complete – some complex, some more straightforward.

    Deep in that to-do list comes the task of setting up your corporate bank account. FortunatelyFortunately, this falls in the ‘more straightforward’ category. There are numerous reputable financial institutions operating in the UAE, from local banks such as Emirates NBD, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, and Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) – to international names like Standard Chartered, HSBC and Barclay's.

    Bank account opening process is as painless as possible, it’s vital that you have all of the required documents in place before you start the process itself.
    • Get your business license
    Without your business license, the bank will not recognize you as a business and you won’t be able to open your corporate bank account.
    • Arrange legal documents

    The exact documents required will differ from bank to bank, however, most financial institutions require the following:
    • A corporate account opening form
    • A board of directors’ resolution sanctioning the opening of the account, and the signatories to the account
    • A copy of your company’s certificate of incorporation
    • A copy of your trade license
    • A copy of your share certificates
    • A copy of the company’s memorandum and articles of association
    • Copies of passports for all partners in the company
    • Business Plan
    • List of Buyers and suppliers

    Banks may also require additional supporting documents.If your company is owned by another company, you may be required to provide the same documents for both. If the owner company is registered outside the U.A.E., these documents will need to be attested by the UAE embassy from the country of origin, as well as the Ministry of Foreign Afairs (MOFA) in the UAE.

    There are several things to consider before choosing the right bank, that suits your business. Popular bank in the UAE include SME specialists Mashreq, and the banking giants Emirates NDB and Noor Bank and others.Once you have the required paperwork in place, you can begin the formal account opening process.

    ensures you complete accuracy in getting your bank account open as quickly as possible – particularly when it comes to preparing the necessary documents. You already got plenty of things to worry about when establishing a new business: make sure that setting up your corporate bank account isn’t one of them.
  • Company Closure

    There are plenty of examples and cases when business owners simply forget or leave their companies whichcompanies, which are no longer required, thus wanting to save time and money on the formalities related to the official liquidation / closure of such company inU.A.E. The owners of such companies expect that the company will automatically be deleted from the company’s registry and would lead to the automatic closure of the company in the U.A.E. and after a while will be completely liquidated.

    But such type of solution is improper in its nature and can be quite dangerous.The liability of shareholders and directors of the company still remain in full power as the company has not followed the process to be closed. The assets of the company, including bank accounts,would become inaccessible due to the dissolution of the company.At the time of re-establishing / reopening such company will be very difficult or almost impossible.The directors of such companies are liable for existing debts and liabilities of the company and such liability remains for a long period of time. Such companies cease to exist this may lead to negative consequences which can even result in blacklisting and the Dubai entry ban in Dubai again for of the company’s shareholders or directors. The client will have to pay all the debts of the company for the entire period of time, even if he was not staying in the UAE and did not conduct any activities over such abandoned company. Accordingly, only the full payment of debts and penalties will allow entry into the country. However, we cannot rule out the possibility that in such case the restriction on entry may affect not only UAE, but also the Gulf region itself.

    specializes in closure / liquidation of companies in the U.A.E.We would execute the whole procedure to dissolve the company in the U.A.E. and at the end of liquidation process would provide the official company closure certificate. We strongly recommend not leave the company and use the applicable practice to liquidate / close it solely within the legal framework.

    Closing a business on the mainland

    Cancelling the licencelicense depends on the form of your company. For establishments and sole proprietorships, apply for cancellation through DED and acquire all relevant clearances from:
    • Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation Emiratization
    • Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs
    • Relevant water and electricity authority
    • Bank clearance
    • The leasing entity etc.

    For companies with shares, it requires liquidating the shares, collecting the debts and paying the creditors’ before finalizing with DED. You need to appoint a liquidator. A liquidator must be appointed if the legal form of your the company is one of these:
    • General Partnership
    • Limited Liability Company
    • Simple Limited Partnership
    • Public Joint Stock Company
    • Private Joint Stock Company

    Closing a Limited Liability Company:
    • Cancel all existing visa
    • Resolution of Director Board for dissolution and appointment of a liquidator and it has to be attested from Notary Public
    • Letter from the Liquidator along with their License Copy, Auditor registration certificate, Authorized signature certificate attested by Notary Public
    • Payment of the fees at Department of Economic Development to issue company liquidation certificate
    • Liquidation advertisement in two local Arabic newspapers for one day and wait for 45 days to check whether any client has financial claim against the company
    • Present original newspaper Ad and final audit report of the company to the Department of Economic Development
    • Confirmation of the Liquidator and Partners that there is no any objection/claim from the third party during the Ad period
    • Cancel visa of partners, if any, and get clearance letter from Ministry of Labour and Immigration, DEWA, Etisalat
    • Copy of Director Board resolution and copy of liquidation certificate
    • Pay fees at Department of Economic Development

    Closing a Sole-Proprietorship:
    • Fill in the Registration & Licensing Application form through approved application channels
    • Submit a copy of the license
    • Cancel the Establishment Card at the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization
    • Collect business activity-specific approvals (if required)
    • Submit the above documents through approved service centers and collect license cancellation certificate
    • Cancel all Visas
    • Pay fees at Department of Economic Development for cancellation
    • Economic Department will issue a file number and take it to Department of Protective Systems to get clearance from Police authority. If there are no violations in Police records, they will send clearance message soon to DED electronically
    • Pay fees to DED to get Cancellation Certificate
    • Take this certificate to Immigration Head office in Jafiliya along with a request letter in Arabic and original Immigration Establishment Card. If the card is lost, you will have to get Certificate of Loss from Police. To get this certificate, prepare a request letter in Arabic and submit it at your nearest police station. Certificate will be issued after two days

    Closing a branch company:
    • Fill in the Registration & Licensing Application form through approved service centers
    • Cancel the Establishment Card at the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization
    • Submit an attested decision issued by the parent company to cancel the branch
    • Collect business activity-specific approvals (if required)
    • The Ministry of Economy's decision to cancel the foreign company branch
    • Submit the above documents through approved service centers and collect license cancellation certificate

    Closing a civil works company:
    • Fill in the Registration & Licensing Application form through approved service centers
    • Cancel the Establishment Card at the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization
    • Cancel the foreign partners' visas sponsored by the company
    • Collect business activity-specific approvals (if required)
    • Prepare a partnership cancellation contract authenticated by the notary public or any of the state's courts
    • Submit the above documents through approved service centers and collect license cancellation certificate

    Closing a civil works company:
    • Fill in the Registration & Licensing Application form through approved service centers
    • Cancel the Establishment Card at the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization
    • Cancel the foreign partners' visas sponsored by the company
    • Collect business activity-specific approvals (If required)
    • Prepare a partnership cancellation contract authenticated by the notary public or any of the state's courts
    • Submit the above documents through approved service centers and collect license cancellation certificate

    The procedure to dissolve the company:
    • Prepare a notarized minutes of the general assembly confirming the company liquidation and the appointment of a liquidator
    • Arrange an official letter by a registered liquidator accepting the duty
    • Apply for cancellation by filling the required form through DED or other approved channels
    • DED will issue a liquidation certificate
    • Publish the notice of liquidation in two local newspapers
    • The notice gives the debtors a grace period of 45 days from the date of issue to submit their claims
    • Submit to DED a declaration letter from the liquidator and the partners indicating no objection from any other parties during the grace period.
    • Collect required approvals of other government bodies to cancel a license license.
    • Cancel the firm card at Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization.
    • Cancel the foreign partners' visas sponsored by the company at the respective General Directorate of Residency & Foreigners Affairs
    • Submit all the above documents to get the approval for final cancellation.
    • DED will determine the fees.
    • You can receive the certificate of the registration (cancellation) after paying the requested fees.

    Closing a business in a freezone

    You will need to notify the freezone authority in advance as per their requirement. The intention for closing the company shall be published in an Arabic newspaper. You will need NOC from utility providing companies and other applicable government/free zone departments. Once all the paperwork is cleared, you need to cancel your employees' visas and work permits and close bank accounts. Finally, you should receive an official termination letter from the free zone authority.

    the company will have to cancel their employees’ visas as well as their work permits. This requires coordination with both the Department of NaturalisationNaturalization and Residency and the Ministry of Labour. As per UAE labour labor law, employers are required to give their employees a two month, paid notice period before terminating their contracts.

    Requirements of Cancellation for Companies in UAE Free Zones:
    • Resolution from Board for liquidating the corporate and appointment of liquidator
    • Immigration and labour labor department clearance from free zone authority. All Visas ought to be canceled and cleared.
    • Liquidation letter by registered auditor for FZE & FZCO to be submitted
    • All fees and charges are to be settled with the free zone.
    • Clearance Certificate from free zone authority to be submitted.
    • Clearance Certificate from Business Unite (NOC).
    • Clearance Certificate from CLD Government section
    • Original License
    • Customs Clearance
    • Bank Clearance

    Above mentioned procedures and necessities are common in the majority the free zones of UAE, However, requirements are continuously changing and might vary from one free zone to the opposite.

    prepares the paperwork for company liquidation. We help you prepare the company board resolutions. We connect you with liquidators. We submit all the necessary documents to DED and get the company dissolution letter from the department.We put the company liquidation notice in a newspaper. We get the clearance letter from Etisalat/DU. We get the clearance letter from Dubai municipality.We municipality. We get the clearance letter from the customs department. We help you close your bank accounts and get the no-liability certificate. We get your financial statements audited for company liquidation. If we sponsor your company, we provide the no-liability certificate. We get your employees’ visas canceled. We help you get your investor and partner visas canceled. We get your employees’ labour labor cards canceled. We prepare the liquidation report and submit it to the department concerned.In case of professional trade licenses and expired licenses, we get the final cancellation letter.
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